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How to Search

How to Use
The Search Engine


Enter any Keyword.

Enter Keyword

Choose an Event.

Choose an Event

Enter your location*. It can be in a format of City or Town/Barangay or can be Barangay Only


*Specifically the area where you want your order to be delivered.


After keying in location*, please wait for 2-3 seconds for auto-suggested locations** will appear. Then you can select the exact location you prefer


*location can be Barangay, a City or Province.
**If you key in "City or Town/Barangay", you can press enter directly without having to wait for auto-suggested locations.

City or Town/Barangay

Click Search or press Enter. The search engine then displays all products that can be delivered to your location.

Press search or Enter Results

About Us

BULAKLAK.COM is an online flower marketplace where every Filipino around the globe can choose exquisite flower arrangements in a single online store and send it over to their loved ones anywhere in the Philippines in the most convenient way possible. With BULAKLAK.COM’s partnership with more than a 100 florists nationwide, you will surely find an exquisite floral arrangement that you want.

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BULAKLAK.COM is known to be the first Online Filipino Flower Marketplace in the Philippines that was soft launched this January 12, 2014. As its main concept, BULAKLAK.COM helps to promote the creativity of the Filipino Florist around the world, as well expressing “LOVE” in the most convenient way for those people who are away from their loved ones.

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