6 Occasions When to Give Flowers to Your Special Someone

We all know that people have different kinds of personalities, and whether you admit it or not, it’s very annoying sometimes that people would only remember you when they need something from you. Well, it’s the same with giving flowers to a girl; you should not just send her or give her flowers because you need something from her or what. You have to send her even though you both have good and enjoyable times together. In that way, she will feel extra love and special.

Here are the best times to give/send her flowers:
1. Saying “I’m Sorry”. We all know that flowers really works best when it comes to expressing your real intention and it can speaks in behalf of your feelings by reavealing your sincerity in everything just to win her back. Yellow Romance with stuff toy would be effective!

12. The “Just Because “Thing. This one is one of the most important reason why you should send her flowers, whether there’s a special occasion or not “just because” you send her flowers would surely melt her heart.

13. Special Date- Show her how gentle you are this time by sending her flowers and setting her for a date. Any girls would surely love this way of showing your love and wondrous feelings to her.

4. Birthday- This time is something that you should not miss. She will surely expect for a surprise or a very special gift from you and giving her flowers is one of the best that she could ever receive.

Sugar N Spice copy5. Anniversary- Obviously, flowers are the best expression of your feelings making her known that you remember the time where both of you were just getting started.

Pure Love copy

6. Valentine’s Day- You don’t want her to feel jealous with other girls receiving flowers right? So make a move and take a risk and give her flowers!



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