Best Floral Arrangements for Mothers

BEST FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR MOTHERSToday might not be your mom’s birthday and it’s not mother’s day either, but showing them our appreciation and gratitude must be our everyday routine.

There are lots of ways to express your love and care for your mother, but it could be an extra meaningful and obviously beautiful to go with flowers for her that she will surely love and treasure that moment for the rest of her life.

Here are the following flowers that would surely fit your mom’s personality:

tendernessTENDERNESS- Roses never go out of the trend for mothers. It has different colours that convey different meanings to express your feelings. Red roses convey love and affection and it’s undeniably the most beautiful kind of roses among the other roses. While pink roses convey grace and gentility.

strawberry kisses

STRAWBERRY KISSES-  This arrangements is a combination of of gerberra daisies, chrysanthemums, roses or carnations. Gerberra daisies convey purity and cheerfulness. White chrysanthemums convey loyalty and devoted love. And Carnations conveys pride and beauty, which is also the traditional flowers for mothers.

afternoon tea

AFTERNOON TEA- The mixed bundle contains an assortment of pink, orange or lilac roses and gerberra daisies, with mixed fillers such as chrysanthemums or button mums. Lilacs convey purity and protection.

taste of the orient

TASTE OF THE ORIENT- Oriental lilies white and pink all bound together to make a lovely bouquet. A simple statement that’s elegant yet playful. This arrangement includes Casablanca and Stargazers lilies. Casablanca flowers convey celebration while the stargazer symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

shee loves meSHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVE ME NOT- Just ignore the name of this arrangement and focus on the significance it conveys for your mom. This arrangement actually has malysian mums that symbolizes optimism and joy.

Bring love and happiness each day to your mom, whenever and wherever you are. Your love and devotion is all that matters to her and whenever you’re going to give your love and devotion to her, she would surely give you incredible smiles that you’ve never seen before! Have a great one.

Should you need floral arrangements assistance, please call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552. Have a great one!

About Flowers

Though many of used to give or send flowers to our loved ones especially when there’s a special occasion to celebrate, but it’s okay to have a little bit of curiosity about what those flowers actually means and what occasion they’re supposed to send out.

Flowers are best for any romantic celebration like anniversaries. So, let’s get to know the top 3 recommended flowers ideal for romantic occasions:

  1. Roses- Classic and premium roses are the traditional gifts for anniversaries, but it never runs out of style. Though it’s common already yet the meaning it symbolizes remains that whoever will receive such gift will surely get overwhelmed and loved!
  2. Orchids- “Exotic yet elegant” is what these flowers bring to someone you love not to mention orchids symbolizes beauty, seduction, elegance, love and sensuality.
  3. Tulips- Tulips has wide varieties of colours you can choose from. Tulips symbolizes, care, comfort and love to your special someone.

Many flowers will do to make your special someone extra especial and loved, yet what really matters to her/him is your undying affection and consistent effort to make her/him happy throughout your relationship as couples. For more flower arrangements, visit or Call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 for more flower suggestions as well. Have a great one!


You’ve probably seen lots of garden being organized and decorated already, but this one is just a simple yet very fulfilling once you have made this for real!

You can actually make this in your own creative way…

Garden Decorating #1: Use colorful boots as your flower path.


Garden Decorating #2: Paint stones with different colors for your garden decorating goal. Make sure to put designs too to make it look more creative and attractive to look at!



Garden Decorating #3: Put a little fish pond in your garden for some unusual attraction as well as to give a refreshing view!



Should you need more plants to add up into your garden, you may visit for they also offer different kinds of amazing plants for landscaping especially for your garden that will definitely make yours even more attractive. Have a great one!



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BULAKLAK.COM at “First Urban Life Awards by Gold Star Daily”


BULAKLAK.COM has recently witnessed and sponsored Cagayan de Oro’s first ever Urban Life Awards of Gold Star Daily on December 14, 2014 at Centrio Mall. The first lifestyle award has gathered and recognized the best of CDO’s talents and personalities encompassing the fashion, delicacies, arts and music, culinary, and among others. The event has also encouraged other emerging personalities to inspire more people through their talents and become more competitive on their special expertise. The First Urban Life Awards has successfully showcased what Cagayanon people are capable of and what CDO has to offer to both local and foreign tourists.


Before this year ends, BULAKLAK.COM were able to witnessed again the Cagayan de Oro’s full boom, blossom, and boom after it was given lots of opportunities to sponsor the city’s grandest and world-class events from fashion, arts, culinary, and lifestyle. Indeed, BULAKLAK.COM has already leaped forward on its commitment to provide beauty and elegance to any special occasion through its classic and exquisite flower arrangements.

Here’s the official list of Winners:

MAGS CUE – Person of the Year

NICOLE ABAS-DATAYAN – TV personality of the Year

ORO RAFTING – Best tourist attraction award

ARLYN BAQUI – Performing Artist of the Year

CHARLES ABING – Musician of the Year

NONOY ESTARTE- Visual Artist of the Year

JOEY DOLOTINA – Rapper of the Year

GIL MACAIBAY III – Fashion Designer of the Year

PASSION FOR FASHION – Fashion Team of the Year

JAMES TUBEO – Blogger of the Year

KEVIN ABDALA – Stylist of the Year

KRISTY SIA – Hair and Make up Artist of the Year

JB LEONARDO – Photographer of the Year

LIFESTYLE DISTRICT – Hotspot of the Year

ISLA BONITA – Bar of the Year

BEAT CLUB – Club of the Year



PASTEL VJANDEP – Best Kagay-anon Delicacy of the Year

CANDY’S SPINACH PIZZA – Pizza of the Year

CAFE BONITA BIG 8 BURGER – Burger of the Year

BULAKLAK.COM 6th Notebook Distribution at Balangbang Elementary School


BULAKLAK.COM has continued to reach out students to provide them their basic needs at school such as notebooks, ball pen, and pencils. Last October 17, 2014, BULAKLAK.COM team has crossed mountains and river to reach the students of Balangbang Elementary School in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. The school is a kilometer away from the main road and is situated just on top of the mountainous area of the city. Nowhere can you find a perfect spot to race down a car going there and even the tricycle drivers may find themselves dodging over the rocks on the rough roads. Despite of the inconveniences, the team has managed to deliver the basic school supplies that BUALLAK.COM has prepared for them successfully.

One of their students volunteered to let the team use his horse to help them transport the school supplies going to Balangbang Elementary School. It truly helped them to minimize their strength and effort as they climbed over the steep mountains of the city. As the BULAKLAK.COM team arrived, they were greeted with the smiles of the teacher and students while waiting to receive their brand-new notebooks and ball pen, and pencils. Most of the students only have limited notebooks for their subjects and they even only barrows ball pen from their teachers to take down notes and answer their exams. These students live in a very simple life where their source of living relies on the production of their family’s crops at their respective arable lands. According to their teacher, some of their students even preferred to work rather than going to school just to help their parents earn more for their living. But it’s a good thing that the school has teachers who are willing to devote their time and love for these students by always encouraging them to pursue their studies and guides them to a right path to help them reach their dreams and help them elevate their standard of living. As the BULAKLAK.COM team started to distribute the notebooks, ball pen, and pens to the students, all of them wears their priceless smiles on their faces and even the teacher got overwhelmed knowing that the students doesn’t have to borrow anymore ball pen and pencils to take down notes and answer their exams.

This little time that the BULAKLAK.COM team has spent for these students are counted as an experience of a lifetime as they believe that even a single notebook and pen, if use wisely for good, can change the course of their life. You can also make a difference by helping BULAKLAK.COM reach more students and provide them their basic school supplies through BULAKLAK.COM’S “ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO PROGRAM” which translates for every floral arrangement you buy, BULAKLAK.COM will give notebooks + pens to a students in need.

BULAKLAK.COM’S 4th and 5th Notebooks + Pens Distribution


A week after BULAKLAK.COM has successfully conducted its first notebooks + pens distribution at Linabo, Bukidnon, the team was at its full speed heading to the next public school at Southwest District Cagayan de Oro for their 4th and 5th distribution particularly at Mambuaya Elementary School and Baluarte Elementary School. The area where the BULAKLAK.COM team is heading seems like resting at the mountainous region connecting to Bukidnon. All the way up, fresh mountain breeze welcomes the team with an ambiance that truly captures everyone’s eyes. And it’s just a perfect day for everyone and thanks for the good weather condition that participated for that eventful day.

As BULAKLAK.COM team arrived at the first stop at Mambuaya Elementary School, the teachers and students greeted the team with their warm lovely smiles. Students started to flock all the way to the field fronting the school building as soon as the team started to pile the notebooks and pens on the table. Everyone was happy and got so excited while waiting for their notebooks and pens to be distributed. The program started with the giving of BULAKLAK.COM bags and fresh red roses to the teachers to honor them with their great endeavors toward their students. After the team paid tribute to the teachers, the team started to hand out notebooks and pens to the students. Everyone, including the parents who watched the program at the porch side of school, got excited and all you can see from them are just their priceless smiles. After the program, the teachers offered the team a delightful “nilung-ag” banana and had a wonderful fellowship with them.

The last stop was at Baluarte Elementary School with a total of 224 students that awaits. Going there isn’t an easy one with rough roads and small highways lie ahead but their emotions for the students seems a never unfading one. As the team arrived, a number of parents gathered near the front gate while their children started to make their line heading to the open field. According to their principal, the students performed so well on their studies getting high remarks on test given to them. After they received their notebooks and pens they excitedly got inside their respective classrooms to use those for their lessons.

At the end of the day, everyone was wearing their invaluable smiles with joy that overwhelmingly flowed inside knowing that hundreds of students are now enjoying writing their lessons in their newly given notebooks. A total of 2,730 notebooks and pens were given to about 910 students at Mambuaya and Baluarte Elementary School. It is the desire of BULAKLAK.COM to reach out more students who are in need to help them reach their dreams.


BULAKLAK.COM’S Notebooks + Pens Distribution at Linabo, Bukidnon

Linabo Elementary SchoolEverything was set and was placed in order as BULAKLAK.COM team prepared for their first ever notebook distribution held at Linabo, Bukidnon particularly in Linabo Central School, Lalawan Elementary School, and Paiwaig Elementary School. As a company that supports Department of Education flagship program Adopt-a-School Act of 1998, also known as Republic Act 8525, BULAKLAK.COM aims to empower student’s right to education especially to the impoverished children who can’t afford to have brand new notebooks, pens, and pencils. ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO is BULAKLAK.COM social mission program and it serves as its driving force towards its endeavor.

September 26, 2014 marks the very first day of BULAKLAK.COM’s notebook distribution. Notebooks, pens, and pencils, were packed and are ready for distribution. As the team headed to Linabo, Bukidnon, their hearts were filled with excitement and joy. The team arrived early morning, at Linabo Central School, the first school to have received notebooks, pens, and pencils. The school teachers and principal greeted them with their smiles and lead them directly to the school auditorium where the notebook distribution will be held. Students across all level from special education students, kinder, up to grade six flocked their way inside the school auditorium as they were all excited to receive their brand new notebooks, pens, and pencils. The program started with the grand opening remarks by the school teachers and principal. They all greeted the team tender-heartedly with the students paying full attention on the event. Before the distribution had started, the team gave a token of appreciation to the teachers as a gift to commemorate them for their hard-works, undying love, and dedication for their students. They all received BULAKLAK.COM bags and fresh red roses. As the team started to distribute notebooks, pens, and pencils to the students, the auditorium was filled with mix-emotions from teachers, parents, to students, and even from the BULAKLAK.COM team. Smiles were just visible to everyone’s faces and no words could describe the joy that the team experienced during the first ever notebook distribution. Every student just received their notebooks and pens and they are just excited to get into their classroom to use those for their lessons.

The second notebook distribution was held at Paiwaig Elementary School but this time the road that lead the team to get there is rough enough and it just made the trip even more challenging. As soon as the team arrived, they were all amazed to see the exact location of the school where it is located on top of the mountain and just below from it is the valley with greenery ambiance. It is literally away from the city where most of the students have only limited school supplies and barely enough resources to provide them computers that you see from schools at urban areas. Most of the students only wear slippers when they go to school. The team started the program with the giving of BULAKLAK.COM bags to the teachers. The team has seen their dedication towards their profession for their students even though it was their first time seeing them. Then the team gathered the students around the classroom and started the notebook distribution. Only smiles and no other expression other than happiness could describe how grateful they were as they received those school supplies. Indeed, it was worth the trip.

The last stop was held at Lalawan Elementary School. The very unique feature about this school is that it was situated in the middle of rice fields and hills. Wherever you look, there are only mountains, plants, and rice fields. The team got impressed about the passion that this students have on their studies. The transportation going to this school is only limited by tricycles and vehicles that could race down through the rough road. But still, it gave them no reason not to go to school. The notebook distribution took place inside the classroom where everyone was excited. Same from the other schools, the team first gave a BULAKLAK.COM bags to the teachers as to commemorate their love and dedication towards their students. As soon as the team started to distribute the notebooks, pens, and pencils, the teachers were delighted seeing their students receiving new notebooks and pen. After all, at the end of the day, what’s left for the teachers are the memories that are priceless and can’t just easily be forgotten by anything else.


A total of 4,020 of notebooks and pens were distributed to 1,352 students on that very eventful day. Each of the students received three notebooks and pens. Truly, no other things that can’t make a person more contented other than sharing what they have to the people in need. By giving these students their basic school supplies, they will always have the hope to become better students and achieve their dreams in life.


Buy One. One FilipinoBULAKLAK.COM is known to be the first Online Filipino Flower Marketplace in the Philippines that was soft launched this January 12, 2014. As its main concept, BULAKLAK.COM helps to promote the creativity of the Filipino Florist around the world, as well expressing “LOVE” in the most convenient way for those people who are away from their loved ones.

However, this is not only what BULAKLAK.COM was made for. The company thought that integrating “Corporate Social Responsibility” in BULAKLAK.COM business model is a great way for great cause that make such a difference to create a good life for every Filipino. But, what is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR? Well it is about how a company manages the business process to produce an overall positive impact on society. It is a way of company to make a difference in a simple but yet powerful way.

The founders was inspired the story of Blake Mycoskie on how he started his company TOMS Shoes and “One for One” movement or better known as “Buy One Give One” (BOGO or B1G1) in the United States of America. In 2006, Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he founded TOMS Shoes with the One for One concept. TOMS “One of One” initiative is very simple: with every pair of shoe sells, they donate a pair of shoe to someone in need.

ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO is BULAKLAK.COM social mission program. With the goal of giving back to the community by supporting Department of Education flagship program Republic Act 8525, also known as the Adopt-A-School Act of 1998. As simple as the school notebook, pencil and ball pen are actually serve as a key for a better education. However not all could afford to buy new notebook, pencil and ball pen every year, especially the students from public schools. Children play a big role in the society and management believe the children are the hope of the nation. The founders said, “As we extend this little help to them, by providing these children with notebooks, pencils and ball pens to write on, we can contribute in making their future brighter. As what Jose Rizal the Philippine National Hero would say, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” (The young is the hope of the nation). Helping the youth means helping build a better future for not only for them but for the nation.

ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO concept is for every flower arrangement purchased, BULAKLAK.COM give notebooks, pencils and ball pens to a student in need. In this initiative, the triad of generosity, compassion, and joy is evident from the BULAKLAK.COM partner florists who are given a chance to have more business and promote their floral arrangements in the entire Philippines and global market, customers who wants to express emotions to their loved ones to the students beneficiaries who will receive notebooks, pencils and ball pen for every flower arrangement purchased.

ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO is a program to slowly create a sustainable solution to help Filipino children finish education and improve economy in the local community through the businesses and jobs created. The goal is one day to provide yearly free basic school supplies to all student in need at the public school. Buying a flower arrangement from BULAKLAK.COM creates happy people—a customer, a partner florist and a Filipino student.

It is never too late for the Filipino youth. Spread the joy today. Extend a helping hand with ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO.

Gift Suggestions for Filipina Women

Giving gifts has been a culture widely practiced thought out the globe. In the Philippines, Filipino men are fond of giving a sentimental item to the dear women in their lives, while Filipina women show great appreciation toward this generous gesture.

BLOG BANNER6 copyWhether you are a man thinking of giving a gift to a Filipina friend, girlfriend, relative, or a co-worker, or a woman just fond of giving presents to her friends, here is a list of 10 gift ideas.

  1. Jewelry – When giving jewelry, your relationship with the recipient and your intention must be considered. Jewelry, being a pricey gift, will mean that the recipient is also precious to you. Earrings, bracelet, or short necklaces are the most common jewelry given as a gift. And if you are planning for a marriage proposal, there goes the diamond ring.


  1. Chocolate – Trust us, every girl loves chocolates, even if she says she’s watching her figure. A gourmet dark chocolate or chocolate with almonds is a good choice.


  1. Favorite color – If you already have an idea what her favorite color is, then go choose an item among this list and get the one available in that color. Women have a sense of inclination to their favorite color, so it will definitely be appreciated by her.


  1. Stuffed toy – This cute present is popularly given to those girls in their mid-20s and below. A bear stuffed toy, box of chocolates, and bouquet flowers are the three most popular items bundled together as a suitor’s gift.


  1. Music and movies – Amidst the digital copies of tracks and films, a hard copy of her favorite artist’s album or her favorite chick flick movie is still something worth keeping. Add a sweet dedication for the recipient goes well together with this present.


  1. Perfume – A perfume can serve as your present for a romantic occasion. Even if the recipient already uses a specific scent, adding another one to her collection makes it a great idea. Now, she can try out other fragrances and choose the one that is best for a specific occasion.


  1. Fashion – A woman will always have an interest in fashion no matter what type of personality she has. A purse, bag, dress, or a pair of shoes will surely delight her. Just pick the classic styles if you are a bit unsure of her preference.


  1. Hobby-related – If she is into sports or dancing, then a sports outfit for her activities will be a good choice to surprise her. You always have the option to add something sentimental or more feminine to go with this type of present.


  1. Book – Not all women like to read, but when choosing a book for a gift, do not limit it to fiction books. You may consider an inspirational book or go to the bestselling novels shelves and run through the choices.


  1. Cook book – Whether a Filipina knows how to cook or not, there is always a part of them that wants to try it. This is a gift suggestion to a friend or a relative. If she is into baking, you may also consider a nice electric mixer.


Once you have picked from the list, make your present even more special by adding a bouquet of flowers or even just a dozen of roses. Flowers put the romantic theme when you think you cannot be mushy enough. BULAKLAK.COM provides you only hand-picked freshly arranged flowers delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. Even when you are away, BULAKLAK.COM helps bridge the distance. Check all Philippine delivery destinations here.