Celebrating Christmas on the Other-Side of the World

Celebrate Christmas

                                                                    Celebrate Christmas


Snows are starting to fall and the cold breeze gets even into the Christmas fireplace at your sofa where you gently rub your cold hands to your skin to ignite the heat. But as soon as you sit to feel the heat, you ponder more on what’s going on to the other side of the world. Exactly! Thinking on your family and friends left behind to their homes. Being home away from home this Christmas season to your loved is one thing you hate to think about. You’ll surely miss the insane extravagant foods placed on the table with crispy lechon-baboy surrounded with fruit-salad, keso de bola, cakes, and even rounded-shaped fruits being shared with your family and friends. But wait! There’s more exciting thing that you’ll surely miss aside from the foods, well who would like to miss opening a Christmas gift at exactly 12 o’clock midnight and watching the fireworks crackling and bursting its colours at the sky. Watching the fireworks with our family is one moment of a year that we would like to put in a frame as you’ll only see a big perfect smile with the reflection of colourful lights to their eyes. Isn’t it a lonely night to think about while you are hundred’s miles away from them?

But, hey! Don’t falter on the thought of being away from them this special season. Distance can’t stop us to celebrate Christmas with our family. This season is about time of remembering and sharing the love to our family, friends, and even to those people around us. Even a simple Christmas greeting to them would surely give a vibes of happiness and joy and how much more if you add a sincere smile on your face. From being busy working on the busiest season of the year, your workmates would surely feel the loads of task on their back with wish-lists of gift-items that they are thinking of to give to their families. Time, yes! A time! It is what they need from you. Time is something that you can’t buy but it is something that you can share. By extending your little time to them, you are already expressing your love and care to them. This Christmas Season, no matter how far you are from your loved ones, just remember that by giving a time to them by simply greeting them a warm Merry Christmas or by just sending a simple gift , you are already expressing the essence of Christmas.

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All souls day is being celebrated every 1st-2nd week of November, this is observed in remembrance of all the loved ones who already passed away in this world. People during this time must do some preparation and advance planning so that, they will not experience some difficulties in buying, and also to make things well done.

Preparing for all souls day is never an easy work to do. You need to really have time to prepare yourself, for you will be encountering a wide crowd and also your food in case you’ll feel hungry with your friends or relative who will go with you, and of course flowers making it sure they are fresh and beautiful to last.

However, we’ll give you some Flowers to prepare or bring to your departed loved ones which are essential and usually the common gift that people brought during the said event.

  1. Chrysanthemums- Chrysanthemums symbolize death, lamentation, and grief. However, it symbolizes truth, positivity, and cheerfulness.
  2. Roses- Convey one’s enduring love for the deceased.
  3. Daisy- Like other flowers its color also conveys different meanings. Usually Daisies conveys Innocence, loyal love, purity and cheerfulness.
  4. Lilies- Lilies are one of the commonly seen flowers in funerals. It symbolizes innocence, sympathy, majesty, and purity.
  5. Carnation – this flower is very popular for sympathy arrangements. The red carnation is associated with admiration, pink stands for remembrance while white conveys pure love and innocence.
  6. Tulips- Tulips symbolizes elegance, grace, cheerfulness, forgiveness, royalty, or perfect love.

This All Soul’s Day, send your departed loved ones a wreath of beautiful floral arrangements, perhaps a bouquet or a basket of different exquisite flower arrangements from BULAKLAK.COM. For inquiries, please call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 or please visit our site at www.bulaklak.com for more information.

About Flowers

Though many of used to give or send flowers to our loved ones especially when there’s a special occasion to celebrate, but it’s okay to have a little bit of curiosity about what those flowers actually means and what occasion they’re supposed to send out.

Flowers are best for any romantic celebration like anniversaries. So, let’s get to know the top 3 recommended flowers ideal for romantic occasions:

  1. Roses- Classic and premium roses are the traditional gifts for anniversaries, but it never runs out of style. Though it’s common already yet the meaning it symbolizes remains that whoever will receive such gift will surely get overwhelmed and loved!
  2. Orchids- “Exotic yet elegant” is what these flowers bring to someone you love not to mention orchids symbolizes beauty, seduction, elegance, love and sensuality.
  3. Tulips- Tulips has wide varieties of colours you can choose from. Tulips symbolizes, care, comfort and love to your special someone.

Many flowers will do to make your special someone extra especial and loved, yet what really matters to her/him is your undying affection and consistent effort to make her/him happy throughout your relationship as couples. For more flower arrangements, visit www.bulaklak.com or Call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 for more flower suggestions as well. Have a great one!


You’ve probably seen lots of garden being organized and decorated already, but this one is just a simple yet very fulfilling once you have made this for real!

You can actually make this in your own creative way…

Garden Decorating #1: Use colorful boots as your flower path.


Garden Decorating #2: Paint stones with different colors for your garden decorating goal. Make sure to put designs too to make it look more creative and attractive to look at!



Garden Decorating #3: Put a little fish pond in your garden for some unusual attraction as well as to give a refreshing view!



Should you need more plants to add up into your garden, you may visit www.bulaklak.com for they also offer different kinds of amazing plants for landscaping especially for your garden that will definitely make yours even more attractive. Have a great one!

Understanding Why Men Should Give Flowers

Flowers have been widely used as a present when courting or expressing romantic feelings. It is such a sweet gesture that now in the modern times the real meaning of it has been sometimes neglected. In the olden times, courting was regarded as a formal and dignified act and flowers were symbols used to express emotions that cannot be simply uttered in words.

Understanding Why Men Should Give Flower

Meanings were associated in the giving and receiving of flowers, so a romantic language developed in the Victorian Era. Each bouquet was deemed to have a secret message for the women to interpret. Enlivening this Victorian tradition in today’s era will pour in so much meaning–magic, life, and mystery–in this romantic gesture.

Saying it at the right moment

When anxiety and tension is eating you up and you find it hard to have the right words to say, then maybe this short list of flowers and their meanings can help you.

Carnation – Fascination

Chrysanthemum – Wonderful friend

Daisy – Loyal love

Gladioli – Sincerity

Orchid – Love and beauty

Pink rose – Secret love

Tulip – Declaration of love

White rose – Innocence and purity

Yellow & orange rose – Passionate thoughts

Now that you have the right flower for your sentiments, you can be more confident and get major romance points when you know the timing to bring or send flowers. Be thoughtful enough to remember your significant other in special and important occasions. A number of these events to keep in mind are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, new baby, ‘Get Well’ wishes, saying sorry, anniversary, or just a simple day to surprise her.

A Victorian gentleman in the modern world

Don’t question why giving flowers is important because the answer is as simple as women like receiving flowers. Although you may know someone exempted to this rule, generally, this has been the set expectation of woman from her beloved. While men think that flowers are expensive and temporary as they die and cannot be consumed or used when alive, its meaning is beyond being just a material gift. So, what is it for you, gentleman?

You become a happy man. According to a research of Rutgers University psychologist Jeanette Haviland-Jones, the act of giving beckons a real smile. And with this smile emanates a positive reaction from you as the giver. Don’t you agree that seeing a smile from your beloved is priceless?

You become the smarter guy. Sending flowers to you sweetheart’s office or home signifies that you have higher emotional intelligence than other guys. A giveaway for you is when her co-workers are impressed, you might just get a quick access on their network of contacts when you need it.

You become a better manager. Not every flower sent out means ‘I love you’. Boost up your staff’s morale by sending a vase or basket of flowers to their work station. You’ll see a good change in productivity and less trace of anxiety on their faces. It’s as good as saying, “Let’s finish this project on time or we’ll be both dead meat.”

Are you still having second thoughts on sending out a bouquet of flowers? Don’t be! Get on your toes now and be a gentleman. To make it easier for you, a wide variety of freshly arranged flowers are available at BULAKLAK.COM. Are you ready to see her priceless smile? Here are flower suggestions for your special someone.