How To Make Flower Arrangements

taste of the orientEveryone now is very excited on how to make their own floral arrangements. Now, will give some simple tips to make a very easy floral arrangement without exerting too much effort to make it really look perfect!

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare or get a flower vase that has about 10 to 13 inches high for your flowers may it be, roses, sunflowers, carnation etc.
  2. Prepare also your ideal flowers. 5 stems of roses would be good for 1 vase, but it actually doesn’t matter if you have a big size of flower vase then it can accommodate more flower arrangements.
  3. With regards to how much water you should put to the flower vase, you can actually put a full of waters on your vase. Just make sure to change the water few days to prevent the growth of the bacteria.


Do you have more ideas on how to make flower arrangements? Share it with us. Have a great one!