Ideal Wedding Bouquets for October

Who says that wedding is only good for the month of January, Feb, March, April, May, June etc., and not for the month of September? Don’t you know that getting married in the month of September will cost you less money to spend compared to other months where couples are usually going to settled in.

wedding flowers

Nevertheless, we’ll help you on some things to prepare for such wedding you are going to plan. This is something that you should not miss on your wedding and obviously something that’s also very important- it’s flowers!

Here’s the following ideal wedding flowers for the month of SEPTEMBER :

1. Lily of the Valley- Liliy of the valley is described to be as delicate and has a sweet scent. It symbolizes happiness and romance for its timeless classic with a hint of endless affection.

2. Tulips- It has colorful personalities you could ever dream of picking up. It symbolizes beauty, and sincerity. It actually has long petals and it is commonly the bride’s choice for every wedding.

3. Jonquils-Narcissus- It symbolizes happiness and fortune. It has a delicate cream color that you may also choose which is really ideal for any weddings!

4. Rhododendron- It offers colorful choices like pink and mauves, cream, and antique as well as a coffee tone Rhododendron. This one extremely symbolizes love and romance.

5. Blushing Bride- it has an alluring blush sweet peas, cream petals, and fluffy center as well is also available.

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Philippines: A country overflowing with celebrations

Occasions celebrated in the PhilippinesJust like any country, the Philippines has its own set of events celebrated as a nation and marked in every Filipino’s calendar. Included in the list of Philippine National or Regular Holidays are New Year’s Day, Day of Valor, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Labor Day, Independence Day, National Heroes Day, Bonifacio Day, Christmas Day, and Rizal Day. Although not each of these occasions is personally celebrated by Filipinos, it is given so much regard because students and most employees are exempted from going to school and work.

Grand events are also held in various provinces where you can see gigantic and colourful floats and costumes in street parades. Among the festivals in the Philippines, the most popular and well-visited are Sinulog in Cebu, Ati-Atihan in Aklan, Dinagyang in Iloilo, Higantes in Rizal, Moriones in Marinduque, Pintados in Leyte, Sigpawan in Batangas, Kaamulan in Bukidnon, Kadayawan in Davao, Lanzones in Camiguin, Kagay-an in Cagayan De Oro, Masskara in Bacolod, Penagbenga in Baguio, and Bangus in Dagupan. Almost every month there is a major festival happening in one of the country’s province. Fellow Filipinos and foreigners are welcome to join the locals in their festive celebrations.

Aside from these events joined in by a community, there are also commemorative ones celebrated by families. These include Graduation Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and Birthday. Typically, the family gathers together sometimes with their extended family and also with friends at home. Different types of dishes are served to the guests while the guests give presents to the celebrant. Today, in celebrating these events, some prefer to eat out in a restaurant instead of holding the event at home to make it easier when it comes to preparation.

Anniversaries of couples—married or just boyfriend-girlfriend—are also celebrated. Silver and Golden wedding anniversaries are the most notable ones and usually grandiosely celebrated. For boyfriend-girlfriend couples, there are those who even mark their “monthsary” date every month. Such occasions are usually spent eating out in a fancy restaurant or cooking indoors. Organizations also have anniversaries they call as Foundation Day. Schools are known for this and it is usually celebrated by having a school fair for several days. No classes are held as all students and teachers enjoy the programs and activities prepared by each member of the school community. Companies who commemorate their Foundation Day also gather their employees to a whole or a couple of days of team building activities, awarding of exemplary employees, and sharing of food.

Aside from food being the common denominator in any event and occasion celebrated, there is very good chance you will also have flowers present in event venues, program activities, and as a symbolic present or gift. The stage decorated with flowers, street parades with floats made of flowers, and a bouquet of flowers to complement a surprise gift are just one of the common instances where flowers can be seen.

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The Tradition of Giving Funeral Flowers

Gift Giving Funeral FlowersIn the Philippines, while there are many provinces having diverse practices and beliefs, remembering and paying honor and respect to the dead is still a custom widely observed.

Of the many practices, sending flowers to the funeral or placing flowers around the tomb is one of the most common one. Historically, giving of funeral flowers has been a practice a long time ago. Dr. Ralph Solecki, an American archaeologist, documented one of the first discoveries of flowers used for funerals. In his lead, the Shanidar Cave in Northern Iraq was excavated and from the soil samples there, it was revealed that flowers were place on this burial site 62,000 years ago by locals who collected wild flowers from the hillsides and placed these funeral flowers on graves. This has been noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Oldest Form of Human Ritual.

To some experts, the first funeral flowers were intended for two purposes: symbolizing the life cycle from birth to death, life’s fragility and its momentary beauty, and a practical application of masking the smell of the decomposing dead body prior to embalming. Today, flower-giving on funerals has been a practice to express feelings of sympathy for the bereaved family. It is a symbolic way of sharing the burden of grief and loss and showing support to the family of the departed.

When visiting the place of funeral

When you arrive, first thing to do is offer the family your sympathies and condolences. If you find it hard to express your emotions, saying “sorry for your loss” or “condolences to your family” is enough for them to feel that you care. Dark colored attires are usually observed for the dress code, while some families prefer white to ease the feeling of burden.


Before leaving the funeral, sign in the register book and fill the details like address or place of work as these may help the family who came and visited. Remember to also keep in touch with the family members even after the burial. Sending flowers after the interment to comfort the family is also acceptable. This will make the family feel that they are still on your mind keeping them comforted.


When choosing funeral flowers

In choosing flowers, the top kinds widely used for funerals in the Philippines are Lilies, Roses and Orchids. Types of arrangement may come in a circular wreath or a spray that is designed to be placed on an easel stand. There are also small arrangements called inside pieces that can be displayed inside the casket’s open lid, and another is the funeral or casket spray that can be placed draping over the casket.

The color of the flowers should be considered as you cannot always think about one’s favourite color. Funeral flowers are dominantly white but can be mixed with red or pink flowers. You can also mix it with red to signify love and ardour or pink for blessing, joy, and gentleness. Commonly combined with white flowers are also violet and purple that represents pride, triumph, and vigor. Yellow reminds companionship, new beginnings, and optimism, while green is for strength, flexibility, and hopefulness.

Whether you send flowers during or after the funeral, the intention is always to ease the pain and to comfort the family. In times like this, you should always get the best service from a flower provider. BULAKLAK.COM guarantees you fresh flowers delivered to your chosen recipient in the Philippines. Choose from a wide range of funeral wreaths, sprays, or flower baskets here.