We all love to send notes to our special someone especially when we are feeling shy to personally express our feelings toward them. Literally you feel frozen like becoming deaf to say the word “I Like You or I Love You” in front of your crush or admirer. A note away is one great idea we all think of when we have an urge to express those sacred words to them. But sometimes we forget that it comes very handy to collect those letters and maybe they’ll find it a little bit messy dumping them on their table or locker.


What you need is something extra special that they would surely love to keep for so long. A thing that will not easily be crumbled, torn or the worst is forgotten.
Introducing! Our most innovative greeting card available yet in our country the “Voice Greeting Card.”  Simply record your 30 seconds voice mail and send it at our facebook messenger or send it via email at Just order any of our floral arrangements or gift packages available at our website and your voice greeting will be sent along with them.

It’s like you expressing your feelings in front of them without feeling shy or awkward. So order your first voice greeting card now and don’t let this month ends without you expressing your love to your special someone.

To order visit us at or contact us at 0926-285-2552 / 0910-285-2552 / (088) 880-6918 or you may send your inquiry at

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