Level Up Your Gift-Giving with Voice Greeting Cards

Do you want an extra special way to say how much your loved one means to you? For things that are better left said, go and write a personalized greeting card and send it to your special someone.

Celebrations are always best when there’s a greeting card on one hand and flowers on the other. You can buy flowers online and have it delivered to your special someone’s home so you can score an extra brownie point.

There’s a whole new reason to say what you mean when it comes to greeting cards. Say Hello to Voice Greeting Cards which are new when it comes to online flower delivery. Now, you can record your own voice and tell them what you really feel, instead of just having the florist write it on a piece of card.

You can either record your message using messaging apps like Messenger, Skype, or Viber, or record it using your mobile phone’s built-in voice recorder. Once you’re done, send it to BULAKLAK.COM and they’ll take care of placing it inside the greeting card.

Pour out your heart and make this a gift they can’t resist because hearing your voice makes them closer to you. This definitely puts personal into a whole new level.

But what can you do in a 30-second recording?

• Take “harana” into a whole new form of technology by sing your heart out into a recording of your other half’s favorite song.
• Put your heart on your sleeve and recite a famous poem by your loved one’s favorite author.
• Make it a bit witty and internalize when saying a famous line from a movie or an excerpt from her favorite book.

Share to us what you want to say in these voice greeting cards and let us know how you can make it uber sweet for that person who means the world to you. Make every single day extra special with flowers and gifts from BULAKLAK.COM made grander with voice greeting cards!

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