Filipino Ways To Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

Lakinglola o lolo ka ba? If you are, you would definitely love to make Grandparents’ Day super special especially that they have given you so much tender loving care while growing up. It’s now time to give them back all the love that they have poured in raising you.

Even when you are miles and seas apart, you can show them that you care by sending flowers to the Philippines or sending them a fruit basket with a voice greeting card.

As Filipinos, we’ve always been raised to be family-oriented. Every special occasion means spending it with a dozen relatives and be specially adoring our ever favorite lola and lolo who are becoming cooler as the years go by.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate Grandparents day:

• Spend a day with your lola and lolo playing their favorite board game. Letting them win more than a few games would actually score you an extra brownie point.

• Let them teach you their favorite hobby. Your grandparents are more than willing to spend the whole day talking about what they love with someone who matters the most.

• Have an ultimate cook out! You definitely loved your lola’s favorite paella, so why not have a feast while enjoying your time together?

• Surprise lola with a video call and a surprise online flower delivery of her favorite blooms. And if you can’t do a video call, your floral gift will come with a voice greeting card that has your specially recorded message for her.

This September, we urge you to celebrate grandparents day extra sweet because we all know how much you love them.

Buy flowers and gifts online, spend your days with them, or go out on a date. Whatever idea you have,just let them experience life once again. They are reaching the dawn of their lives and what better way to make them feel happy by going to an adventure.

Why Wedding are Held in June?

Most weddings are held in June, and the reason for this trend dates back to the Roman times, when people believed that the goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno, would bring good luck and fortune to those who get married on her month.That is where we get the term “june bride”. Other people also considered it to be convenient to get married in June because of the start of the warm season. In medieval times, people took a bath only once in a year, and that annual bath fell in May or June, so the crowd smelled relatively pleasant during the wedding.

The Philippines has long adapted this trend because of the strong Western influence. It was also practical because June meant the end of the summer season, so the air became cooler, providing comfort for those whose weddings are held outdoors or in non-air-conditioned churches. Flowers bloomed in June as well, causing their prices to drop significantly.

Since a lot of Filipino couples tie their knots in June, chances are you are going to more than one! Surely it would be great to give something that is both useful for the couple and fitting for your budget. Here are five practical and affordable wedding gift ideas:

1. All the wares!
One thing that Filipinos love to do is dine and bring “baon” to work or to school, so giving food containers which we call “Tupperware” is a great idea. You can find a lot of affordable Tupperware in your local grocery store. If you are feeling a little more generous, you can also opt to give them glassware and tableware.

2. For the baby
What naturally follows marriage is having a baby, and raising one can definitely be both exhausting and expensive. Newly-wed couples would really appreciate it if you help lighten their load by giving them baby products such as baby toys, pacifiers, food, or clothing. This is especially important if you are the godfather or godmother of their baby.

3. Spicing up the kitchen
If the couple enjoys cooking together, buying them a set of cooking pots and frying pans is the right choice. Cutting boards, knives, containers for spices, or a stove could also be a great wedding gift.

4. Fabric
One very common wedding gift are towels. It’s not that surprising if you think about it, because towels are both affordable and practical. If you want, however, to give something different for your favorite married couple, it would be a great idea to give them bed foams, pillows, blankets, sheets, or pillow cases, especially when they’re moving to a new house that’s substantially still empty.

5. The most appreciated
If the above suggestions still don’t fit to your taste, or if you still feel undecided as to what to give, there is still one more thing that newlywed couples will appreciate. They will, in fact, appreciate it the most if they receive this: CASH. It’s simply the most reasonable and the most practical gift. After all they’ve spent for the wedding, the gowns, the decorations, the food, the venue—a little financial help from the ninongs and ninangs could go a long way for their new life together.

History of Father’s Day

It has long been the tradition of more than forty countries around the world to celebrate one day each year honoring fathers of all ages and walks of life.</>

Father’s Day was first celebrated on June 19, 1910, headed by Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington. She wanted to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a single parent who solely raised her and her five siblings. She initially planned on commencing it on the 5th of June which was her father’s birthday. However, it was pushed back to the third Sunday of June due to the lack of time for preparations.

Since then, people have always celebrated such special day on the third Sunday of June. In the 1930s, traditional Father’s Day presents included ties and tobacco pipes manufactured by companies that helped Sonora Smart Dodd promote the celebration at a national scale. At present day, common gifts range include flowers, handkerchiefs, cakes, Hallmark cards, wristwatches, and basically anything that represents the giver’s appreciation for their father. We can never fully repay all the efforts and sacrifices our fathers have done for us.

We can, however, show our heartfelt love and appreciation for them this Father’s Day. Surprise your dad by giving him an affordable and limited edition gift package from BULAKLAK.COM! Gift packages range from Father’s Day-themed pillows and mugs to fruit baskets and lechon bellies (limited supplies available). Order now!

Chinese New Year 2016


Chinese New Year is considered to be the most important festival for the Chinese community in the Philippines. It does not follow a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used in many countries. The celebration stretches to about 15 days with varied observations each day. Usually, the Filipino-Chinese families start by cleaning their houses because it resembles a wish to put old things away and welcome the New Year.

One of the major traditions in Chinese New Year is giving out flowers and bouquets as gifts. A lot of significance is attached to this custom, and the various kinds of flowers given as gifts denote different wishes or signs. Flowers represent wealth and fortune and are lucky to give as gifts.

However, we will give you some flowers that are said to be lucky this coming Chinese new year.

12 1


Start the year with luck and fortune by sending exquisite floral arrangements to your friends, relatives and loved ones anywhere in the Philippines! For more floral arrangements, just visit or CALL 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 further assistance.



All souls day is being celebrated every 1st-2nd week of November, this is observed in remembrance of all the loved ones who already passed away in this world. People during this time must do some preparation and advance planning so that, they will not experience some difficulties in buying, and also to make things well done.

Preparing for all souls day is never an easy work to do. You need to really have time to prepare yourself, for you will be encountering a wide crowd and also your food in case you’ll feel hungry with your friends or relative who will go with you, and of course flowers making it sure they are fresh and beautiful to last.

However, we’ll give you some Flowers to prepare or bring to your departed loved ones which are essential and usually the common gift that people brought during the said event.

  1. Chrysanthemums- Chrysanthemums symbolize death, lamentation, and grief. However, it symbolizes truth, positivity, and cheerfulness.
  2. Roses- Convey one’s enduring love for the deceased.
  3. Daisy- Like other flowers its color also conveys different meanings. Usually Daisies conveys Innocence, loyal love, purity and cheerfulness.
  4. Lilies- Lilies are one of the commonly seen flowers in funerals. It symbolizes innocence, sympathy, majesty, and purity.
  5. Carnation – this flower is very popular for sympathy arrangements. The red carnation is associated with admiration, pink stands for remembrance while white conveys pure love and innocence.
  6. Tulips- Tulips symbolizes elegance, grace, cheerfulness, forgiveness, royalty, or perfect love.

This All Soul’s Day, send your departed loved ones a wreath of beautiful floral arrangements, perhaps a bouquet or a basket of different exquisite flower arrangements from BULAKLAK.COM. For inquiries, please call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 or please visit our site at for more information.

6 Occasions When to Give Flowers to Your Special Someone

We all know that people have different kinds of personalities, and whether you admit it or not, it’s very annoying sometimes that people would only remember you when they need something from you. Well, it’s the same with giving flowers to a girl; you should not just send her or give her flowers because you need something from her or what. You have to send her even though you both have good and enjoyable times together. In that way, she will feel extra love and special.

Here are the best times to give/send her flowers:
1. Saying “I’m Sorry”. We all know that flowers really works best when it comes to expressing your real intention and it can speaks in behalf of your feelings by reavealing your sincerity in everything just to win her back. Yellow Romance with stuff toy would be effective!

12. The “Just Because “Thing. This one is one of the most important reason why you should send her flowers, whether there’s a special occasion or not “just because” you send her flowers would surely melt her heart.

13. Special Date- Show her how gentle you are this time by sending her flowers and setting her for a date. Any girls would surely love this way of showing your love and wondrous feelings to her.

4. Birthday- This time is something that you should not miss. She will surely expect for a surprise or a very special gift from you and giving her flowers is one of the best that she could ever receive.

Sugar N Spice copy5. Anniversary- Obviously, flowers are the best expression of your feelings making her known that you remember the time where both of you were just getting started.

Pure Love copy

6. Valentine’s Day- You don’t want her to feel jealous with other girls receiving flowers right? So make a move and take a risk and give her flowers!



BULAKLAK.COM at “First Urban Life Awards by Gold Star Daily”


BULAKLAK.COM has recently witnessed and sponsored Cagayan de Oro’s first ever Urban Life Awards of Gold Star Daily on December 14, 2014 at Centrio Mall. The first lifestyle award has gathered and recognized the best of CDO’s talents and personalities encompassing the fashion, delicacies, arts and music, culinary, and among others. The event has also encouraged other emerging personalities to inspire more people through their talents and become more competitive on their special expertise. The First Urban Life Awards has successfully showcased what Cagayanon people are capable of and what CDO has to offer to both local and foreign tourists.


Before this year ends, BULAKLAK.COM were able to witnessed again the Cagayan de Oro’s full boom, blossom, and boom after it was given lots of opportunities to sponsor the city’s grandest and world-class events from fashion, arts, culinary, and lifestyle. Indeed, BULAKLAK.COM has already leaped forward on its commitment to provide beauty and elegance to any special occasion through its classic and exquisite flower arrangements.

Here’s the official list of Winners:

MAGS CUE – Person of the Year

NICOLE ABAS-DATAYAN – TV personality of the Year

ORO RAFTING – Best tourist attraction award

ARLYN BAQUI – Performing Artist of the Year

CHARLES ABING – Musician of the Year

NONOY ESTARTE- Visual Artist of the Year

JOEY DOLOTINA – Rapper of the Year

GIL MACAIBAY III – Fashion Designer of the Year

PASSION FOR FASHION – Fashion Team of the Year

JAMES TUBEO – Blogger of the Year

KEVIN ABDALA – Stylist of the Year

KRISTY SIA – Hair and Make up Artist of the Year

JB LEONARDO – Photographer of the Year

LIFESTYLE DISTRICT – Hotspot of the Year

ISLA BONITA – Bar of the Year

BEAT CLUB – Club of the Year



PASTEL VJANDEP – Best Kagay-anon Delicacy of the Year

CANDY’S SPINACH PIZZA – Pizza of the Year

CAFE BONITA BIG 8 BURGER – Burger of the Year

BULAKLAK.COM’S 4th and 5th Notebooks + Pens Distribution


A week after BULAKLAK.COM has successfully conducted its first notebooks + pens distribution at Linabo, Bukidnon, the team was at its full speed heading to the next public school at Southwest District Cagayan de Oro for their 4th and 5th distribution particularly at Mambuaya Elementary School and Baluarte Elementary School. The area where the BULAKLAK.COM team is heading seems like resting at the mountainous region connecting to Bukidnon. All the way up, fresh mountain breeze welcomes the team with an ambiance that truly captures everyone’s eyes. And it’s just a perfect day for everyone and thanks for the good weather condition that participated for that eventful day.

As BULAKLAK.COM team arrived at the first stop at Mambuaya Elementary School, the teachers and students greeted the team with their warm lovely smiles. Students started to flock all the way to the field fronting the school building as soon as the team started to pile the notebooks and pens on the table. Everyone was happy and got so excited while waiting for their notebooks and pens to be distributed. The program started with the giving of BULAKLAK.COM bags and fresh red roses to the teachers to honor them with their great endeavors toward their students. After the team paid tribute to the teachers, the team started to hand out notebooks and pens to the students. Everyone, including the parents who watched the program at the porch side of school, got excited and all you can see from them are just their priceless smiles. After the program, the teachers offered the team a delightful “nilung-ag” banana and had a wonderful fellowship with them.

The last stop was at Baluarte Elementary School with a total of 224 students that awaits. Going there isn’t an easy one with rough roads and small highways lie ahead but their emotions for the students seems a never unfading one. As the team arrived, a number of parents gathered near the front gate while their children started to make their line heading to the open field. According to their principal, the students performed so well on their studies getting high remarks on test given to them. After they received their notebooks and pens they excitedly got inside their respective classrooms to use those for their lessons.

At the end of the day, everyone was wearing their invaluable smiles with joy that overwhelmingly flowed inside knowing that hundreds of students are now enjoying writing their lessons in their newly given notebooks. A total of 2,730 notebooks and pens were given to about 910 students at Mambuaya and Baluarte Elementary School. It is the desire of BULAKLAK.COM to reach out more students who are in need to help them reach their dreams.


BULAKLAK.COM takes part of The Man of Himologan 2014

Man of himologan

BULAKLAK.COM has the opportunity to be part of the CDO’s male pageant, The Man of Himologan 2014. BULAKLAK.COM sponsored gorgeous leis for the said event at Rotunda, Limketkai Mall on August 15, 2014. The Man of Himologan is a competition intended for young male Cagayan-on with ages ranging from 18-25 and the winning candidate will automatically become the ambassador to the fellow youth of Cagayan de Oro setting himself as the youth model.

This year’s The Man of Himologan title was given to Romel Arvin Nikko Villafuerte a Med Tech student of Liceo de Cagayan University.


He was joined in with his fellow candidates who won for the 2nd and 3rd runner up at the stage as they received their titles and awards. Our lovely leis were also used as a congratulation present to the winners and were used to formally welcome the presence of the invited judges for the said event. Overall, The Man of Himologan 2014 was a huge success. The leis from BULAKLAK.COM received positive comments from those people who wore it. BULAKLAK.COM will always live with our slogan “let flowers express it to you” as we showcase our floral arrangements to every Filipinos.

BULAKLAK.COM at Kumbira 2014

_MG_9870BULAKLAK.COM was given the privilege to take part of Kumbira 2014, the country’s longest running culinary show and the premier culinary show in Cagayan de Oro City. We sponsored various floral basket, green foliage in the pot, and exquisite topiaries which was featured at the grand stage during the launching as part of the ribbon cutting ceremony. Indeed, our unique floral arrangements add vibrant color and textures to the event which took place at Atrium, Limketkai Mall which runs from August 13 to 15 this year.

kumbiOne of the highlights that fascinates and gave charm especially to the guests was the distribution of our 18 red lovely roses to the 18 special ladies given by Kumbi, the official mascot of Kumbira and whose name was derived from it, as to commemorate the 18 years journey of Kumbira which is organized by Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (COHARA).

ribbon cutting

The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by our own City Mayor Oscar Moreno, Regional Director Catalino Chan III of Department of Tourism – 10, Mr. Albino Limketkai and COHARA President Nelia Lee along with government officials and the invited guests.


Kumbira features Mindanao’s talented future chefs and professionals coming from different culinary schools, hotels, and restaurants and were gathered to showcase their skills in various contests related to food preparations, presentation, and other categories in the competition.