We all love to send notes to our special someone especially when we are feeling shy to personally express our feelings toward them. Literally you feel frozen like becoming deaf to say the word “I Like You or I Love You” in front of your crush or admirer. A note away is one great idea we all think of when we have an urge to express those sacred words to them. But sometimes we forget that it comes very handy to collect those letters and maybe they’ll find it a little bit messy dumping them on their table or locker.


What you need is something extra special that they would surely love to keep for so long. A thing that will not easily be crumbled, torn or the worst is forgotten.
Introducing! Our most innovative greeting card available yet in our country the “Voice Greeting Card.”  Simply record your 30 seconds voice mail and send it at our facebook messenger or send it via email at Just order any of our floral arrangements or gift packages available at our website and your voice greeting will be sent along with them.

It’s like you expressing your feelings in front of them without feeling shy or awkward. So order your first voice greeting card now and don’t let this month ends without you expressing your love to your special someone.

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Commemoration of Undas for OFWs

Aside from the festivities and holidays, one of the most significant occasions in the Philippines is Todos los Santos or All Saints’ Day/All Souls’ Day. It is the time of the year when people gather to celebrate dearly departed family and friends, wherein visiting cemeteries is a must. All Saint’s Day also means instant reunions with family you haven’t seen for a long time.

All Saints’ Day usually starts early in the morning and ends just after dusk. While some people prefer to stay for just a particular period of the day — morning or afternoon — majority of Pinoys choose to spend the whole day in memorial parks and gardens.

Although always popularly attended, there are people who don’t get to celebrate All Saints’ Day with their family. These are Pinoys who are based overseas. This used to be a challenge, but with today’s technology, “bonding” with the family especially for moments like this, is not actually impossible. Here are some ideas on how OFWs can still observe Undas with their loved ones.

Commemorating Our Departed Loved Ones On All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day

Commemorating Our Departed Loved Ones On All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day

Video Chat/Video Call

There are a lot of platforms that can connect loved ones from opposite sides of the world, but the most popular now is video calling or video chatting. Timezone conflicts are now a thing of the past, as with just a few dials, family members can talk, laugh, and offer real-time updates.

Send Flowers

Sending flowers to the Philippines used to be unheard of, especially for OFWs. But because of online flower shops like BULAKLAK.COM, you can now send flowers before All Saints’ Day and ask your family to bring it with them to the cemetery, showing that even though you’re faraway, your departed loved ones are still in your thoughts.

Send Food

Pinoys love food, and potlucks duringundas is a definite tradition. Do your fair share even when miles away by ordering a basket of fruits or a yummy cake  online and sending them to your family a day before the holiday. In turn, they can bring the food to the cemetery for snacks or refreshment. They will not only feel loved, they’ll know that you’re thinking of them.

These are some ideas on how you can still celebrate All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day even when outside the Philippines. You can use these as guide or you can also be creative and come up with unique ways on how to observe undas even when away from the Philippines.

Top 5 Tips on How to Decorate Your Home in Beautiful Blooms

Are you looking into a new way to turn your home from drab to fab? Sprinkle life into your home by decorating it with beautiful flowers. Breathe color into any room with cheerful and exquisite floral arrangements that you can create on your own.

Adding flowers to your home can inject a splash of color to make your home look inviting even when there is no special gathering. Here arefive tips on how to decorate your home using luxurious or simple blooms.

Tip #1 – Choose Local

Fresh flowers that are grown locally tend to be better choices for home decorating because it creates colorful flower arrangements that last longer while looking fresher. Buying local flowers makes the search easier and gives you cheaper options.

Tip #2 – Work at Eye-Level

Arrange beautiful blooms by placing floral arrangements at your eye level. It’s important to face the arrangement head-on, rather than from above so you can watch it come to life on angles.

Beautiful Flowers for Home Decoration

Beautiful Flowers for Home Decoration

Tip #3 – Create Depth with Color and Texture

Add depth in your arrangements by including flowers with different colors, sizes, and textures. Start with small buds and filler flowers then add large, bold blooms in areas of the arrangement where they can make a major impact.

Tip #4 – Make it Proportion

Consider the arrangement scale by making sure that it is proportional with the container. It’s best to remember that your container should be one-third of your arrangement’s total height.

Tip #5 – Use Unique a Pot or Vase

Show your creativity by using a flower holder or vase that has bright colors, odd shapes, or unique designs.Short houseplants can be placed in huge bright-colored pots while a variety of long-stemmed flowers can be in slim vases.

Beautiful blooms for your beautiful home is now as easy as 1-2-3. Remember, when it comes to online flower delivery and gift-giving, BULAKLAK.COM is a local provider you can trust.


December Wedding: Say “I Do” in our Favorite December Blooms

Are you looking forward to saying “I Do” this December? Have you been planning your Winter Wonderland Wedding?

We’re pretty sure you’re excited for your big day and been wanting to makeevery little detail perfect and unforgettable. As early as now, you should already prepare the flowers for your December wedding.
Before you book your florist or order flowers online, here are some recommendations on what bouquet you should choose for your December wedding.

Gardenia Flower

                                             Bride’s Bouquet of Roses

Poinsettia– It is one of the most popular flowers in season during December. To add to the Christmas-y and romantic vibe, choose these bright-red blooms for the church or reception venue. There are also offbeat colors such as purple, orange and marble you can add to your arrangements.

Tulips – Vastly popular for bridal bouquet ensemble, it is a classic option for weddings. With its show of brightly-colored bud, you can choose tulips as your option to work with your choice of theme. They’re also perfect for table centerpieces.

Camellia– Due to its longevity and lush bright pink color petals, camellia remains as one of the most admired flower choices for brides. It is not just the flower, the leaves of camellia are also extensively used in décor arrangements.

Star of Bethlehem – This December flower is aptly named indeed. It is a star-shaped white bloom that gravitates towards light naturally and can stay fresh for up to 3 weeks in vase. With its subtle color and yellow accents, this flower is a classic choice for weddings.

Gardenia– Among the wedding flowers in season, Gardenia remains one of the most beautiful and subtle floral options. The flower petals are clustered and mostly found in white color – ideal for your wedding bouquet with a strong sweet scent.

                                                Gardenia Flower

These gorgeous florals in December are perfect for your wedding. This once-in-a-lifetime event should be a memoir of love and beauty all rolled into one. Make this as memorable as possible by injecting the personality of both bride and groom in each detail.

For anything about flowers and gifts, visit BULAKLAK.COM, an online flower shop that can deliver flowers anywhere in the Philippines.

Baby Basket Bliss: What To Include In Your New Baby Gift Basket

Babies are blessings and wonderful bundles of joy, and the best way to welcome them into this world is a gift basket containing just the right items for these little ones. Amidst tons of choices available today, you should be able to discern which one will show not just your excitement for the baby but care and sincerity for the parents.
We have listed down ideas which you should consider when sending out a gift basket for a little angel.

1. Bouquet of Blooms –Online flower delivery is probably one of the best options when it comes to gift-giving. It is easy, and convenient — highlighting the occasion with beautiful colors. You can even get creative with it by choosing from a wide variety of arrangements and flower types. You can also include a heartfelt message for the parents congratulating them on the new baby.

2. Fruit Basket or Cakes–Show your sweet side by sending a basket of fruits or a box of cake to the new parents. The great thing is that aside from the fact that you can now buy flowers online, you can also have indulgent goodies delivered without sweating it out.

3. Stuffed Toys and Plushies – This will definitely cheer up not just the parents but the baby too (when he or she grows up!) These cuddly toys will last longer and can be a great addition to the child’s nursery. You can also personalize this basket by adding some baby care products or nursery books.

New Baby Celebration

Now, you may wonder where to get all of these. No need to look far, as BULAKLAK.COM, one of the pioneer online flower shops in the Philippines, can have all these items delivered hassle-free. It’sa one-stop online shop for celebration needs, not just for new babies, but for birthdays, anniversaries, and just about any special occasion.

Lastly, if you’re feeling generous, you can have all these items delivered in one awesome basket together with a voice greeting card for the total gift-giving experience.

Deal of the Month – FREE STUFF TOY

A stuffed toy or plush toy can play many roles in one’s emotions. It may bring lightness to someone’s heavy day or it may elevate someone’s mood. Clearly, stuffed toy gives positive impact to everyone for both kids and adults. A stuffed toy also is a token of love, gratitude, or even apologies. It serves as a channel for what you really want to express and the sincerity you want to bring. It can also be a memento on a particular day like birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, or any occasions.

Stuffed toy is great when paired on flowers or chocolates. This perfect combination will guarantee that you deliver your feelings in a perfect way. You can send you special someone a flowers and chocolates for special occasions and a stuff toy for the perfect combo.

Because we are passionate on helping you express your feelings, BULAKLAK.COM offers a FREE mini stuffed toy for the whole month of September. Yes, you heard it right. For every purchase of selected floral arrangement, you can get our very cute mini stuffed toy that is perfect for you. And the best deal is we offer it NATIONWIDE. So what are you waiting for, let us be the one to help you express your feelings for your loved ones.

Chinese New Year 2016


Chinese New Year is considered to be the most important festival for the Chinese community in the Philippines. It does not follow a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used in many countries. The celebration stretches to about 15 days with varied observations each day. Usually, the Filipino-Chinese families start by cleaning their houses because it resembles a wish to put old things away and welcome the New Year.

One of the major traditions in Chinese New Year is giving out flowers and bouquets as gifts. A lot of significance is attached to this custom, and the various kinds of flowers given as gifts denote different wishes or signs. Flowers represent wealth and fortune and are lucky to give as gifts.

However, we will give you some flowers that are said to be lucky this coming Chinese new year.

12 1


Start the year with luck and fortune by sending exquisite floral arrangements to your friends, relatives and loved ones anywhere in the Philippines! For more floral arrangements, just visit or CALL 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 further assistance.



All souls day is being celebrated every 1st-2nd week of November, this is observed in remembrance of all the loved ones who already passed away in this world. People during this time must do some preparation and advance planning so that, they will not experience some difficulties in buying, and also to make things well done.

Preparing for all souls day is never an easy work to do. You need to really have time to prepare yourself, for you will be encountering a wide crowd and also your food in case you’ll feel hungry with your friends or relative who will go with you, and of course flowers making it sure they are fresh and beautiful to last.

However, we’ll give you some Flowers to prepare or bring to your departed loved ones which are essential and usually the common gift that people brought during the said event.

  1. Chrysanthemums- Chrysanthemums symbolize death, lamentation, and grief. However, it symbolizes truth, positivity, and cheerfulness.
  2. Roses- Convey one’s enduring love for the deceased.
  3. Daisy- Like other flowers its color also conveys different meanings. Usually Daisies conveys Innocence, loyal love, purity and cheerfulness.
  4. Lilies- Lilies are one of the commonly seen flowers in funerals. It symbolizes innocence, sympathy, majesty, and purity.
  5. Carnation – this flower is very popular for sympathy arrangements. The red carnation is associated with admiration, pink stands for remembrance while white conveys pure love and innocence.
  6. Tulips- Tulips symbolizes elegance, grace, cheerfulness, forgiveness, royalty, or perfect love.

This All Soul’s Day, send your departed loved ones a wreath of beautiful floral arrangements, perhaps a bouquet or a basket of different exquisite flower arrangements from BULAKLAK.COM. For inquiries, please call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 or please visit our site at for more information.

Ideal Wedding Bouquets for October

Who says that wedding is only good for the month of January, Feb, March, April, May, June etc., and not for the month of September? Don’t you know that getting married in the month of September will cost you less money to spend compared to other months where couples are usually going to settled in.

wedding flowers

Nevertheless, we’ll help you on some things to prepare for such wedding you are going to plan. This is something that you should not miss on your wedding and obviously something that’s also very important- it’s flowers!

Here’s the following ideal wedding flowers for the month of SEPTEMBER :

1. Lily of the Valley- Liliy of the valley is described to be as delicate and has a sweet scent. It symbolizes happiness and romance for its timeless classic with a hint of endless affection.

2. Tulips- It has colorful personalities you could ever dream of picking up. It symbolizes beauty, and sincerity. It actually has long petals and it is commonly the bride’s choice for every wedding.

3. Jonquils-Narcissus- It symbolizes happiness and fortune. It has a delicate cream color that you may also choose which is really ideal for any weddings!

4. Rhododendron- It offers colorful choices like pink and mauves, cream, and antique as well as a coffee tone Rhododendron. This one extremely symbolizes love and romance.

5. Blushing Bride- it has an alluring blush sweet peas, cream petals, and fluffy center as well is also available.

For more ideal, gourgeoudly arrangments for weddings without spending much of your money, just browse at or call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 for floral deliveries anywhere in the Philippines.



This time, let’s talk about fashion! Fashion has never been out of our daily lives. From makeups to our dresses, garments, shirts, pants, bag, accessories so on and so forth fashion has never run out of style!

We’ll give you 2 tips on how to look simple yet very beautiful and elegant every day without you looking so heavy that it seems you really put much effort on yourselves to look fabulous. You can be fabulous in a simple way, though:

fashion 2

1. Trendy Pieces- Would encourage everyone to wear trendy pieces where you are also comfortable at the same time. Being comfortable on what you wear is very important. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you go around and hang out with people.


2. Back to Basics-Basics are good. You can play around put on different style when you just wearing the basic fashion trends compared to trendy pieces and it’s cheaper so you don’t have to give out much money!

Have more ideas about fashion? Share it with us! Have a great one!