BULAKLAK.COM’S Notebooks + Pens Distribution at Linabo, Bukidnon

Linabo Elementary SchoolEverything was set and was placed in order as BULAKLAK.COM team prepared for their first ever notebook distribution held at Linabo, Bukidnon particularly in Linabo Central School, Lalawan Elementary School, and Paiwaig Elementary School. As a company that supports Department of Education flagship program Adopt-a-School Act of 1998, also known as Republic Act 8525, BULAKLAK.COM aims to empower student’s right to education especially to the impoverished children who can’t afford to have brand new notebooks, pens, and pencils. ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO is BULAKLAK.COM social mission program and it serves as its driving force towards its endeavor.

September 26, 2014 marks the very first day of BULAKLAK.COM’s notebook distribution. Notebooks, pens, and pencils, were packed and are ready for distribution. As the team headed to Linabo, Bukidnon, their hearts were filled with excitement and joy. The team arrived early morning, at Linabo Central School, the first school to have received notebooks, pens, and pencils. The school teachers and principal greeted them with their smiles and lead them directly to the school auditorium where the notebook distribution will be held. Students across all level from special education students, kinder, up to grade six flocked their way inside the school auditorium as they were all excited to receive their brand new notebooks, pens, and pencils. The program started with the grand opening remarks by the school teachers and principal. They all greeted the team tender-heartedly with the students paying full attention on the event. Before the distribution had started, the team gave a token of appreciation to the teachers as a gift to commemorate them for their hard-works, undying love, and dedication for their students. They all received BULAKLAK.COM bags and fresh red roses. As the team started to distribute notebooks, pens, and pencils to the students, the auditorium was filled with mix-emotions from teachers, parents, to students, and even from the BULAKLAK.COM team. Smiles were just visible to everyone’s faces and no words could describe the joy that the team experienced during the first ever notebook distribution. Every student just received their notebooks and pens and they are just excited to get into their classroom to use those for their lessons.

The second notebook distribution was held at Paiwaig Elementary School but this time the road that lead the team to get there is rough enough and it just made the trip even more challenging. As soon as the team arrived, they were all amazed to see the exact location of the school where it is located on top of the mountain and just below from it is the valley with greenery ambiance. It is literally away from the city where most of the students have only limited school supplies and barely enough resources to provide them computers that you see from schools at urban areas. Most of the students only wear slippers when they go to school. The team started the program with the giving of BULAKLAK.COM bags to the teachers. The team has seen their dedication towards their profession for their students even though it was their first time seeing them. Then the team gathered the students around the classroom and started the notebook distribution. Only smiles and no other expression other than happiness could describe how grateful they were as they received those school supplies. Indeed, it was worth the trip.

The last stop was held at Lalawan Elementary School. The very unique feature about this school is that it was situated in the middle of rice fields and hills. Wherever you look, there are only mountains, plants, and rice fields. The team got impressed about the passion that this students have on their studies. The transportation going to this school is only limited by tricycles and vehicles that could race down through the rough road. But still, it gave them no reason not to go to school. The notebook distribution took place inside the classroom where everyone was excited. Same from the other schools, the team first gave a BULAKLAK.COM bags to the teachers as to commemorate their love and dedication towards their students. As soon as the team started to distribute the notebooks, pens, and pencils, the teachers were delighted seeing their students receiving new notebooks and pen. After all, at the end of the day, what’s left for the teachers are the memories that are priceless and can’t just easily be forgotten by anything else.


A total of 4,020 of notebooks and pens were distributed to 1,352 students on that very eventful day. Each of the students received three notebooks and pens. Truly, no other things that can’t make a person more contented other than sharing what they have to the people in need. By giving these students their basic school supplies, they will always have the hope to become better students and achieve their dreams in life.

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