You Are Your Mom’s Heartbeat

mothers day

In this year’s mother’s day celebration, can you think of something that you can give to your mom that would remind her about you? If you were to be a flower which every mother wishes to have on their special day, what would you be? Or if she likes chocolate, what kind of chocolate would you give to her that would remind her about the sweet memories you have shared together? Every mom out there wishes nothing but the best for their family. No matter how many times they forget themselves, their satisfaction of fulfilment always depend on what their family has become. If their children experiences failure, every mom would also feel it. If their children attain success, every mom would also rejoice over it. It only means that your heart is just right next to where their heart is. You are your mom’s precious jewel. You are your mom’s heart’s beat. You are your mom’s breath.

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