Love Beyond Distance

Love Beyond Distance Valentine’s Day has been over but the love we have for our loved once remains and gets even stronger. During Valentine’s Season, BULAKLAK.COM has delivered numerous floral arrangements and gift packages to different people across the Philippines. Indeed, the tiresome deliveries after deliveries were some of the best times we ever had and it is even worth the click of our camera to get the picture-perfect-reaction while our customers get their Valentine’s gift package. Memorable as it is, what matters the most is the moment they will forever remember the gift resembling your love and care towards them. Gifts do fade, but those precious moments will forever be hidden on their memories.

Count it on us, no matter how far you may be from your loved once in the Philippines. In a single click away, your orders will be taken care of until it reaches to your loved once. We also offer our newest and most innovative way of sending your message to your loved once. A card where you can record your 30 seconds message as we call it Voice Greeting Card can already make a big impact to them. We look forward to serving you again at the soonest. We are more than thankful for availing our products and services during Valentine’s Season. To make your online shopping at BULAKLAK.COM more exciting, we will be providing you more packages especially made for your loved once


Even though you are thousands of miles away from your family and special someone in your home country, you can still celebrate Valentines with them. What you need is to search for an online store that delivers variety of Valentine’s gift package anywhere in the Philippines. Whether you are looking for an expensive or affordable gift packages, we from BULAKLAK.COM are always ready to provide you our unique yet very creative masterpiece of Valentine’s packages. Below are some of our unique Valentines’ packages that they would surely treasure and love.

  1. Ferrero Chocolate Bouquet / with voice greeting card

Ferrero Bouquet

As we all know it, not everyone appreciates floral bouquet as a form of gift specially the men. So we have created a creative Valentine’s masterpiece especially made for someone who loves chocolate. 24 pieces of exquisite and delicious ferrero rocher in a bouquet would surely make his/her day.


  1. Flowers in a Box / with voice greeting card

Dazzling and fresh-picked-from-the-farm roses and other varieties of flowers placed inside our Valentine’s box. The moment she opens the box, the first thing she’ll get is the freshness of the aroma from our flowers that would surely brighten up her day.


  1. Stuffed Toy Bouquet / with voice greeting card

Stuffed Toy Bouquet

Send him/her your thousands of hugs and kisses through our mini-stuffed toys in a bouquet. Sometimes what they need is not a flower nor a food but something that they can keep and treasure for the rest of their life.


Don’t miss out the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them in a very unique and creative way. Any package you choose from above comes with Voice Greeting Card where you can record your 30 seconds voice message. Greet them your sweetest message this Valentine’s Day and send it at our facebook messenger at BULAKLAK.COM. To see more of our Valentine’s Packages visit us at or you may browse our packages at our facebook page at BULAKLAK.COM. For more inquiries contact us at 0926-285-2552 or 0910-285-2552 or (088)-880-6918 or send your inquiries at

Valentines Harana Package

Valentine’s Day is truly a meaning event that we look forward to on the month of February. It is a season of “Love and Heart” where we treat our special someone a special date or a gift package just to let them feel how much we love and care for them. A dozen of red roses and cake would already mean a lot to them but how much more if you offer a serenade where they can hear your feelings through the choice of your songs. Three songs of love would surely make her fall in love again with you!

This coming Valentine’s Day, BULAKLAK.COM offers very affordable Harana Services that suits on your budget. Just pick three songs of your choice and choose your complimentary gifts from our Harana Valentine’s Package. No matter how far you may be to your family or special someone, you can still celebrate a memorable Valentines with them through our Valentine’s Package and Harana services. To order or avail our harana, contact us at 0926-285-2552 or 0910-285-2552 or (088)-800-6918.  You may send your inquiry at Cut-off of orders for February 14 serenade will be on February 12, 2018 at 4pm.


Still can’t decide on what to give to your special someone on Valentine’s Day? Well, BULAKLAK.COM offers variety of affordable Valentine’s packages that your date would surely love. Surprise them at their school, office, pads, or wherever they are! One thing for sure, they would loved to be surprise.

For this year’s Valentine’s Season, we want to make sure you have your best moment with your date. BULAKLAK.COM offers affordable yet fresh-picked from the farm bouquet of dazzling roses together with our complimentary chocolate basket, cakes, stuffed toy, and flowers in a box. Your order also comes with a Voice Greeting Card where your 30 seconds voice message is being recorded. What a sweet way to express your feelings with the most innovative greeting card yet available in our country. Just record your 30 seconds voice message and send it at our Facebook messenger – and it will be delivered along with your floral arrangements on the most special event of this month.

To order, visit our Valentine’s package at our facebook page – BULAKLAK.COM or at our website for inquiries contact us at 0926-285-2552 / 0910-285-2552 / (088)-880-6918 / or send your inquiries at

Order now, and make your Valentine’s Date a memorable one!