On the Other-Side of the World

“Overseas Filipino Workers”

It’s never been easy to leave your loved ones from the Philippines when you just celebrated the happiest time of the year which is Christmas and what’s more when you just welcomed the year 2018 with your family. Indeed, no one can beat the happy moments that your family can make when you gathered around while waiting for the countdown to welcome the new and fresh year. As time beats you slowly, as the clock ticks reminding you of your flight back to your workplace, as you are trying to make the most of your remaining seconds with your family, nothing can make you feel more saddened on the day you will once again say the word “Goodbye.”

On the other-side of the world where your family is already at sleep while you are on your way to work, you feel like you are already missing their smiles and the laughter. It feels like you are missing out the celebration and good moments they make together every-day. All you think is to get back tomorrow, to make December just a day away from today, to see them at the soonest because you sometimes feel alone in your life abroad. Every stairs you step going to your workplace, every people you meet and work with, every meal you partake, all you wish is to spend this routine with your family.

But worry no more, we already have the technologies available to make the long-distance seems like a room away with our family. We can anytime of the day call and chat with them with you smart-phones and send them tweets and status update through your social media accounts. But what’s more exciting and sweet is to send them your surprise recorded message.

At www.bulaklak.com, we offer you our most innovative and sweetest experience on sharing your feelings and greetings to your loved ones in the Philippines. How would you like to record your 30 seconds voice message and deliver it straight to your loved ones’ doorstep with your chosen floral arrangements or gift-packages on their most special day? Through our Voice Greeting Card, you can already greet them your warmest message on their special day like birthday, anniversaries, graduation day, or even Christmas. Your 30 seconds voice message would surely make them feel that you are just an ear away from them as they listen on your sweetest recorded message.

To order, visit us at www.bulaklak.com or contact us through these numbers: globe/tm – 0926-285-2552, smart – 0910-285-2552. Our US number is 1-855-285-2552.


We all have our own stories to share and memories to treasure on the year 2017. It has been a roller-coaster journey for that year and sometimes it left our minds hanging as we faced those unexpected and tough challenges along the way. But we have overcome those problems through the help of our loved ones and special friends. Sometimes they express their love and care towards us in a form of gift. Flowers, chocolates, fruits, stuffed toys, cakes, harana, and personalized greeting are sometimes what we all need to feel comforted and inspired to keep life moving with a hope that there is still more to life than thinking over our problems and that is our loved ones who loved and supported us in each step that we take. The thought of having someone around us who loved and never left us is already enough to put a smile in our face in the midst of the lonely moments that we sometimes endure.

On the countless times that you shared your moments with BULAKLAK.COM just to help you express your feelings and bring smiles to your loved ones, we felt humbled and overwhelmed. We appreciate your trust and loyalty by availing our products and services. You have had your secrets of your happy and sometimes sad moments that you shared to us and of course that will continue to be kept as a secret between us. On the many times that we have delivered your orders, there’s only one thing that we look forward to see and that is the smile on the face of your receiver as they accept your orders.


This  2018, we are again facing new challenges, keeping new moments, and hoping for new memories to share with our loved ones anywhere in the Philippines. Whenever you need someone to help you express your feelings, BULAKLAK.COM is just a single click away and is always ready to deliver your gifts to your special someone.