Celebrating Christmas on the Other-Side of the World

Celebrate Christmas

                                                                    Celebrate Christmas


Snows are starting to fall and the cold breeze gets even into the Christmas fireplace at your sofa where you gently rub your cold hands to your skin to ignite the heat. But as soon as you sit to feel the heat, you ponder more on what’s going on to the other side of the world. Exactly! Thinking on your family and friends left behind to their homes. Being home away from home this Christmas season to your loved is one thing you hate to think about. You’ll surely miss the insane extravagant foods placed on the table with crispy lechon-baboy surrounded with fruit-salad, keso de bola, cakes, and even rounded-shaped fruits being shared with your family and friends. But wait! There’s more exciting thing that you’ll surely miss aside from the foods, well who would like to miss opening a Christmas gift at exactly 12 o’clock midnight and watching the fireworks crackling and bursting its colours at the sky. Watching the fireworks with our family is one moment of a year that we would like to put in a frame as you’ll only see a big perfect smile with the reflection of colourful lights to their eyes. Isn’t it a lonely night to think about while you are hundred’s miles away from them?

But, hey! Don’t falter on the thought of being away from them this special season. Distance can’t stop us to celebrate Christmas with our family. This season is about time of remembering and sharing the love to our family, friends, and even to those people around us. Even a simple Christmas greeting to them would surely give a vibes of happiness and joy and how much more if you add a sincere smile on your face. From being busy working on the busiest season of the year, your workmates would surely feel the loads of task on their back with wish-lists of gift-items that they are thinking of to give to their families. Time, yes! A time! It is what they need from you. Time is something that you can’t buy but it is something that you can share. By extending your little time to them, you are already expressing your love and care to them. This Christmas Season, no matter how far you are from your loved ones, just remember that by giving a time to them by simply greeting them a warm Merry Christmas or by just sending a simple gift , you are already expressing the essence of Christmas.

At BULAKLAK.COM, we offer affordable yet exquisite floral arrangements suited as a perfect gift to your family in the Philippines. Alongside with your chosen floral arrangements, we also offer Free Stuffed Toy in this season of sharing! We also provide cakes, chocolate baskets, fruit-basket, lechon baboy, lechon belly, Harana Services, and our latest innovative product yet, the Voice Greeting Card. It lets you record your 30 seconds voice greeting and we will send it together with your chosen gift packages. Because we believe that your family deserves your time, let us “Do the Expression For You…”

Getting United This Christmas Season Even if You Are “Home Away From Home”

Christmas season is finally here. Houses are now decorated with colourful lights that give more accents to this season. We can even observe some public places like malls and parks being decorated with extravagant Christmas décor just to spread the vibes of this special season to every people. More than preparing delicious foods on the table and preparing gifts to our loved ones, what makes this season so special is the bond that we can make with our family and friends. But unfortunately not all of us can celebrate Christmas with our family together. Some of our loved ones work abroad while others are sent off to other places by their boss. This situation may sound too familiar to our OFW workers but we believe that distance can never stop us to celebrate Christmas.

                                                                Get United to your Family

BULAKLAK.COM is here to be an outlet for you to get united with your families and to celebrate this special season together. We offer VOICE GREETING CARD along with your chosen floral arrangements. Simply record your 30 seconds voice mail on your phone and send it at our bulaklak.com facebook messenger. We believe that the most important gift that you can give this season to your loved ones is the time that you will spend with them. With our Voice Greeting Card, regardless if you are miles away from them, your presence can already be heard. Greet them your warmest “Merry Christmas” in the coldest season of the year!

This Christmas Season, BULAKLAK.COM also offers Limited Edition Free Stuffed Toys for every floral arrangement you will purchased from our website. To see more of our products and services, visit us at www.bulaklak.com