The Perfect Proposal 101

Although always been a highly-special event, weddings used to be simple and straightforward – the couple falls in love and they get married.  But as the saying goes, time polishes everything, including marriages and proposals. With all these viral videos of celebrities (and even regular couples) circling social media, you can’t help but daydream your own picture-perfect proposal for your partner.

Some men choose to keep it low key, sticking to the traditional bended knee offer, but some get highly creative, concocting their own unique surprise for their lady love –  including fireworks, dance numbers, and video coverage.

If you’re still out of ideas on how to express your undying love to your girlfriend, here are some concepts on how you can pop the question which you can consider.

Shower her with flowers

 Remember that beautiful flower wall Kanye West gave to Kim Kardashian or Valentine’s? You can replicate that! Aside from diamonds (which you’ll also give her), flowers are a girl’s best friend, and the best way to surprise her is through dozens (or two)  of blooms in her bedroom or at a rented space. Based overseas? No problem! Online flower shopslike BULAKLAK.COM can cover for you. Ask her to marry you through a voice greeting card or a heartfelt handwritten note.

Serenade her

 Don’t know how to tell her? Say it through a song! Melt her heart with a harana version of your theme song or sweep her off her feet through a romantic slow dance. Music is a surefire way to get that sweet YES.

Perfect Proposal Ideas On Bended Knee

                          Perfect Proposal Ideas On Bended Knee

Take her on a trip

Got budget to spare? Bring her to a romantic destination away from the city (by the beach or near the mountains) and pop the question during a quiet dinner of her favorite dishes. This is a bit on a traditional side, and traditional means safe, so you’ll surely get that “Yes, I’ll marry you.” response in no time.
A lot of things are involved when planning an elaborate proposal. Of course, the first step is keeping it a secret, telling only your closest accomplices about your idea. It is, of course, recommended to ask for suggestions, but always stick to your vision, because it’s you who should know what will surprise your significant other and will make her say YES.