Bring Back the Art Of Harana In Filipino Courtship

In this time and day, love and chivalry is often concluded as dead. In a world of many hugotsand sawi-zoned, have we really lost the true meaning and value of the word “love”? And in our hopes of finding love, have we also lost the art of haranain Filipino courtship?

For all of these reasons, we are compelled to bring back the memories of traditional Filipino courtship where it is more than just buying flowers online.

Harana is a traditional form of courtship in the Philippines where a man serenades a woman by singing underneath her window at night. The art of harana is widely practiced in the old Philippines with a set or protocols, a code of conduct, and a specific style of music. The man is usually accompanied by his close friends who provide moral support for the guy in addition to singing with him.

Guitar Playing During Harana

                                 Guitar Playing During Harana

It has been said that for a harana to be successful, either the man’s apple of the eye should invite him over for refreshment or should join in singing. Harana is an exclusively nocturnal practice. Because of the daytime tropical weather, the evening offers relief from the heat. It is also a preferred time where love comes alive with full of romantic ideas.

If you’re looking for a sweet and romantic way to show your special one how much they mean to you, how about a harana and a bouquet of flowers?

You can even get the favor of your loved one’s family by sending in some fruit baskets. As in true nature of Filipino courtship, bring back the kind of love that makes Pinoys a true lover boy.

BULAKLAK.COM appreciates a good loving and an even better love story. Go ahead and send the lady of your dreams some gifts via online flower delivery while planning your music for harana.

December Wedding: Say “I Do” in our Favorite December Blooms

Are you looking forward to saying “I Do” this December? Have you been planning your Winter Wonderland Wedding?

We’re pretty sure you’re excited for your big day and been wanting to makeevery little detail perfect and unforgettable. As early as now, you should already prepare the flowers for your December wedding.
Before you book your florist or order flowers online, here are some recommendations on what bouquet you should choose for your December wedding.

Gardenia Flower

                                             Bride’s Bouquet of Roses

Poinsettia– It is one of the most popular flowers in season during December. To add to the Christmas-y and romantic vibe, choose these bright-red blooms for the church or reception venue. There are also offbeat colors such as purple, orange and marble you can add to your arrangements.

Tulips – Vastly popular for bridal bouquet ensemble, it is a classic option for weddings. With its show of brightly-colored bud, you can choose tulips as your option to work with your choice of theme. They’re also perfect for table centerpieces.

Camellia– Due to its longevity and lush bright pink color petals, camellia remains as one of the most admired flower choices for brides. It is not just the flower, the leaves of camellia are also extensively used in décor arrangements.

Star of Bethlehem – This December flower is aptly named indeed. It is a star-shaped white bloom that gravitates towards light naturally and can stay fresh for up to 3 weeks in vase. With its subtle color and yellow accents, this flower is a classic choice for weddings.

Gardenia– Among the wedding flowers in season, Gardenia remains one of the most beautiful and subtle floral options. The flower petals are clustered and mostly found in white color – ideal for your wedding bouquet with a strong sweet scent.

                                                Gardenia Flower

These gorgeous florals in December are perfect for your wedding. This once-in-a-lifetime event should be a memoir of love and beauty all rolled into one. Make this as memorable as possible by injecting the personality of both bride and groom in each detail.

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Baby Basket Bliss: What To Include In Your New Baby Gift Basket

Babies are blessings and wonderful bundles of joy, and the best way to welcome them into this world is a gift basket containing just the right items for these little ones. Amidst tons of choices available today, you should be able to discern which one will show not just your excitement for the baby but care and sincerity for the parents.
We have listed down ideas which you should consider when sending out a gift basket for a little angel.

1. Bouquet of Blooms –Online flower delivery is probably one of the best options when it comes to gift-giving. It is easy, and convenient — highlighting the occasion with beautiful colors. You can even get creative with it by choosing from a wide variety of arrangements and flower types. You can also include a heartfelt message for the parents congratulating them on the new baby.

2. Fruit Basket or Cakes–Show your sweet side by sending a basket of fruits or a box of cake to the new parents. The great thing is that aside from the fact that you can now buy flowers online, you can also have indulgent goodies delivered without sweating it out.

3. Stuffed Toys and Plushies – This will definitely cheer up not just the parents but the baby too (when he or she grows up!) These cuddly toys will last longer and can be a great addition to the child’s nursery. You can also personalize this basket by adding some baby care products or nursery books.

New Baby Celebration

Now, you may wonder where to get all of these. No need to look far, as BULAKLAK.COM, one of the pioneer online flower shops in the Philippines, can have all these items delivered hassle-free. It’sa one-stop online shop for celebration needs, not just for new babies, but for birthdays, anniversaries, and just about any special occasion.

Lastly, if you’re feeling generous, you can have all these items delivered in one awesome basket together with a voice greeting card for the total gift-giving experience.

Deal of the Month – FREE STUFF TOY

A stuffed toy or plush toy can play many roles in one’s emotions. It may bring lightness to someone’s heavy day or it may elevate someone’s mood. Clearly, stuffed toy gives positive impact to everyone for both kids and adults. A stuffed toy also is a token of love, gratitude, or even apologies. It serves as a channel for what you really want to express and the sincerity you want to bring. It can also be a memento on a particular day like birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, or any occasions.

Stuffed toy is great when paired on flowers or chocolates. This perfect combination will guarantee that you deliver your feelings in a perfect way. You can send you special someone a flowers and chocolates for special occasions and a stuff toy for the perfect combo.

Because we are passionate on helping you express your feelings, BULAKLAK.COM offers a FREE mini stuffed toy for the whole month of September. Yes, you heard it right. For every purchase of selected floral arrangement, you can get our very cute mini stuffed toy that is perfect for you. And the best deal is we offer it NATIONWIDE. So what are you waiting for, let us be the one to help you express your feelings for your loved ones.

Filipino Ways To Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

Lakinglola o lolo ka ba? If you are, you would definitely love to make Grandparents’ Day super special especially that they have given you so much tender loving care while growing up. It’s now time to give them back all the love that they have poured in raising you.

Even when you are miles and seas apart, you can show them that you care by sending flowers to the Philippines or sending them a fruit basket with a voice greeting card.

As Filipinos, we’ve always been raised to be family-oriented. Every special occasion means spending it with a dozen relatives and be specially adoring our ever favorite lola and lolo who are becoming cooler as the years go by.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate Grandparents day:

• Spend a day with your lola and lolo playing their favorite board game. Letting them win more than a few games would actually score you an extra brownie point.

• Let them teach you their favorite hobby. Your grandparents are more than willing to spend the whole day talking about what they love with someone who matters the most.

• Have an ultimate cook out! You definitely loved your lola’s favorite paella, so why not have a feast while enjoying your time together?

• Surprise lola with a video call and a surprise online flower delivery of her favorite blooms. And if you can’t do a video call, your floral gift will come with a voice greeting card that has your specially recorded message for her.

This September, we urge you to celebrate grandparents day extra sweet because we all know how much you love them.

Buy flowers and gifts online, spend your days with them, or go out on a date. Whatever idea you have,just let them experience life once again. They are reaching the dawn of their lives and what better way to make them feel happy by going to an adventure.