Why Wedding are Held in June?

Most weddings are held in June, and the reason for this trend dates back to the Roman times, when people believed that the goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno, would bring good luck and fortune to those who get married on her month.That is where we get the term “june bride”. Other people also considered it to be convenient to get married in June because of the start of the warm season. In medieval times, people took a bath only once in a year, and that annual bath fell in May or June, so the crowd smelled relatively pleasant during the wedding.

The Philippines has long adapted this trend because of the strong Western influence. It was also practical because June meant the end of the summer season, so the air became cooler, providing comfort for those whose weddings are held outdoors or in non-air-conditioned churches. Flowers bloomed in June as well, causing their prices to drop significantly.

Since a lot of Filipino couples tie their knots in June, chances are you are going to more than one! Surely it would be great to give something that is both useful for the couple and fitting for your budget. Here are five practical and affordable wedding gift ideas:

1. All the wares!
One thing that Filipinos love to do is dine and bring “baon” to work or to school, so giving food containers which we call “Tupperware” is a great idea. You can find a lot of affordable Tupperware in your local grocery store. If you are feeling a little more generous, you can also opt to give them glassware and tableware.

2. For the baby
What naturally follows marriage is having a baby, and raising one can definitely be both exhausting and expensive. Newly-wed couples would really appreciate it if you help lighten their load by giving them baby products such as baby toys, pacifiers, food, or clothing. This is especially important if you are the godfather or godmother of their baby.

3. Spicing up the kitchen
If the couple enjoys cooking together, buying them a set of cooking pots and frying pans is the right choice. Cutting boards, knives, containers for spices, or a stove could also be a great wedding gift.

4. Fabric
One very common wedding gift are towels. It’s not that surprising if you think about it, because towels are both affordable and practical. If you want, however, to give something different for your favorite married couple, it would be a great idea to give them bed foams, pillows, blankets, sheets, or pillow cases, especially when they’re moving to a new house that’s substantially still empty.

5. The most appreciated
If the above suggestions still don’t fit to your taste, or if you still feel undecided as to what to give, there is still one more thing that newlywed couples will appreciate. They will, in fact, appreciate it the most if they receive this: CASH. It’s simply the most reasonable and the most practical gift. After all they’ve spent for the wedding, the gowns, the decorations, the food, the venue—a little financial help from the ninongs and ninangs could go a long way for their new life together.

History of Father’s Day

It has long been the tradition of more than forty countries around the world to celebrate one day each year honoring fathers of all ages and walks of life.</>

Father’s Day was first celebrated on June 19, 1910, headed by Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington. She wanted to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a single parent who solely raised her and her five siblings. She initially planned on commencing it on the 5th of June which was her father’s birthday. However, it was pushed back to the third Sunday of June due to the lack of time for preparations.

Since then, people have always celebrated such special day on the third Sunday of June. In the 1930s, traditional Father’s Day presents included ties and tobacco pipes manufactured by companies that helped Sonora Smart Dodd promote the celebration at a national scale. At present day, common gifts range include flowers, handkerchiefs, cakes, Hallmark cards, wristwatches, and basically anything that represents the giver’s appreciation for their father. We can never fully repay all the efforts and sacrifices our fathers have done for us.

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