All souls day is being celebrated every 1st-2nd week of November, this is observed in remembrance of all the loved ones who already passed away in this world. People during this time must do some preparation and advance planning so that, they will not experience some difficulties in buying, and also to make things well done.

Preparing for all souls day is never an easy work to do. You need to really have time to prepare yourself, for you will be encountering a wide crowd and also your food in case you’ll feel hungry with your friends or relative who will go with you, and of course flowers making it sure they are fresh and beautiful to last.

However, we’ll give you some Flowers to prepare or bring to your departed loved ones which are essential and usually the common gift that people brought during the said event.

  1. Chrysanthemums- Chrysanthemums symbolize death, lamentation, and grief. However, it symbolizes truth, positivity, and cheerfulness.
  2. Roses- Convey one’s enduring love for the deceased.
  3. Daisy- Like other flowers its color also conveys different meanings. Usually Daisies conveys Innocence, loyal love, purity and cheerfulness.
  4. Lilies- Lilies are one of the commonly seen flowers in funerals. It symbolizes innocence, sympathy, majesty, and purity.
  5. Carnation – this flower is very popular for sympathy arrangements. The red carnation is associated with admiration, pink stands for remembrance while white conveys pure love and innocence.
  6. Tulips- Tulips symbolizes elegance, grace, cheerfulness, forgiveness, royalty, or perfect love.

This All Soul’s Day, send your departed loved ones a wreath of beautiful floral arrangements, perhaps a bouquet or a basket of different exquisite flower arrangements from BULAKLAK.COM. For inquiries, please call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 or please visit our site at for more information.


UNDAS 2015 Headline copy

Undas also known as Todos los Santos, Araw ng mga Patay, or All Saints’ Day is a Philippine national holiday honoring our departed loved ones. Filipinos traditionally visit cemeteries on November 1 or 2 to hold gatherings around the graves of their love ones and lay out flowers and candles for them. Placing flowers on gravesites is a beautiful act of commemorating those who are no longer with us. Presenting flowers to the graves of deceased loved ones has been a tradition commonly practiced by many Filipinos during this day and we certainly want to look for the best yet affordable floral arrangements to symbolize that certain love and expression worth cherishing.

And since we are looking forward to be part of this commemorated holiday, we at BULAKLAK.COM will be opening a booth to share our products, delicacies and services for everyone at Greenhills Memorial Park, Macapagal Drive, Zone 4 Bulua, Cagayan de Oro during October 31 to November 2, 2015. Our flowers which are freshly harvested to construct only the loveliest array of floral arrangements will be available for purchase on our booth located at the back of the chapel just a few distances away from the main entrance.

In line with this event, BULAKLAK.COM will also be accepting pre-orders and reservations for their floral arrangements available for order a week before the start of All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day. Our floral prices will start at 70php to 150php and we can also customize any floral arrangement depending on your desire.

For pre-orders, kindly contact our customer service representative at these following numbers: for Globe/TM – 0926-285-2552 for Smart/TNT – 0918-285-2552 landline -880-6918. Payments for pre-ordered floral arrangement will be discussed with our customer service representative. (This is limited stock only!)

So See you there and let’s celebrate Undas with our loved ones, and let BULAKLAK.COM be a part of it.

How To Make Flower Arrangements

taste of the orientEveryone now is very excited on how to make their own floral arrangements. Now, will give some simple tips to make a very easy floral arrangement without exerting too much effort to make it really look perfect!

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare or get a flower vase that has about 10 to 13 inches high for your flowers may it be, roses, sunflowers, carnation etc.
  2. Prepare also your ideal flowers. 5 stems of roses would be good for 1 vase, but it actually doesn’t matter if you have a big size of flower vase then it can accommodate more flower arrangements.
  3. With regards to how much water you should put to the flower vase, you can actually put a full of waters on your vase. Just make sure to change the water few days to prevent the growth of the bacteria.


Do you have more ideas on how to make flower arrangements? Share it with us. Have a great one!

6 Occasions When to Give Flowers to Your Special Someone

We all know that people have different kinds of personalities, and whether you admit it or not, it’s very annoying sometimes that people would only remember you when they need something from you. Well, it’s the same with giving flowers to a girl; you should not just send her or give her flowers because you need something from her or what. You have to send her even though you both have good and enjoyable times together. In that way, she will feel extra love and special.

Here are the best times to give/send her flowers:
1. Saying “I’m Sorry”. We all know that flowers really works best when it comes to expressing your real intention and it can speaks in behalf of your feelings by reavealing your sincerity in everything just to win her back. Yellow Romance with stuff toy would be effective!

12. The “Just Because “Thing. This one is one of the most important reason why you should send her flowers, whether there’s a special occasion or not “just because” you send her flowers would surely melt her heart.

13. Special Date- Show her how gentle you are this time by sending her flowers and setting her for a date. Any girls would surely love this way of showing your love and wondrous feelings to her.

4. Birthday- This time is something that you should not miss. She will surely expect for a surprise or a very special gift from you and giving her flowers is one of the best that she could ever receive.

Sugar N Spice copy5. Anniversary- Obviously, flowers are the best expression of your feelings making her known that you remember the time where both of you were just getting started.

Pure Love copy

6. Valentine’s Day- You don’t want her to feel jealous with other girls receiving flowers right? So make a move and take a risk and give her flowers!



Best Floral Arrangements for Mothers

BEST FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR MOTHERSToday might not be your mom’s birthday and it’s not mother’s day either, but showing them our appreciation and gratitude must be our everyday routine.

There are lots of ways to express your love and care for your mother, but it could be an extra meaningful and obviously beautiful to go with flowers for her that she will surely love and treasure that moment for the rest of her life.

Here are the following flowers that would surely fit your mom’s personality:

tendernessTENDERNESS- Roses never go out of the trend for mothers. It has different colours that convey different meanings to express your feelings. Red roses convey love and affection and it’s undeniably the most beautiful kind of roses among the other roses. While pink roses convey grace and gentility.

strawberry kisses

STRAWBERRY KISSES-  This arrangements is a combination of of gerberra daisies, chrysanthemums, roses or carnations. Gerberra daisies convey purity and cheerfulness. White chrysanthemums convey loyalty and devoted love. And Carnations conveys pride and beauty, which is also the traditional flowers for mothers.

afternoon tea

AFTERNOON TEA- The mixed bundle contains an assortment of pink, orange or lilac roses and gerberra daisies, with mixed fillers such as chrysanthemums or button mums. Lilacs convey purity and protection.

taste of the orient

TASTE OF THE ORIENT- Oriental lilies white and pink all bound together to make a lovely bouquet. A simple statement that’s elegant yet playful. This arrangement includes Casablanca and Stargazers lilies. Casablanca flowers convey celebration while the stargazer symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

shee loves meSHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVE ME NOT- Just ignore the name of this arrangement and focus on the significance it conveys for your mom. This arrangement actually has malysian mums that symbolizes optimism and joy.

Bring love and happiness each day to your mom, whenever and wherever you are. Your love and devotion is all that matters to her and whenever you’re going to give your love and devotion to her, she would surely give you incredible smiles that you’ve never seen before! Have a great one.

Should you need floral arrangements assistance, please call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552. Have a great one!

Reasons to Send Flowers this October


We all know that October didn’t have many activities to celebrate with, but there are actually some very important events this month that we shouldn’t miss:

1. World’s Teacher’s Day- October 5th. Marks a very important event for everyone-The world’s teacher’s day! Send an exquisite bouquet of flowers to your beloved teachers from pre-school to college who means so much to you and show your appreciation to them for giving you their time and effort.

2. You’re Important For Me- October 7th. Grab an opportunity to have some amazing time for your special someone. Send him/her favorite floral arrangements, perhaps a chocolate and a basket of fruits just any means that he/ she would surely treasure for a lifetime.

3. Get To Know Your Customer Day- October 15th. Show some appreciation and gratitude to your customer by giving them flowers for being a loyal customer. In this way, they will surely feel loved and special among other customers you have.

4. National Boss Day- October 26th. Regardless of whatever personality your boss has, feel free to show him/her your appreciation for everything.

5. Mother-In-Law Day-October 25th. Without them, you wouldn’t have your boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife. Send them an extra gorgeously arranged floral arrangements, show them how thankful you are for having your partner for life!

Whatever events may occur this month, giving flowers to someone is indeed a great way of expressing your love, gratitude and intentions towards them. For more flower arrangements, please visit BULAKLAK.COM can deliver flowers to your friends, relatives and loved ones anywhere in the Philippines.



Ideal Wedding Bouquets for October

Who says that wedding is only good for the month of January, Feb, March, April, May, June etc., and not for the month of September? Don’t you know that getting married in the month of September will cost you less money to spend compared to other months where couples are usually going to settled in.

wedding flowers

Nevertheless, we’ll help you on some things to prepare for such wedding you are going to plan. This is something that you should not miss on your wedding and obviously something that’s also very important- it’s flowers!

Here’s the following ideal wedding flowers for the month of SEPTEMBER :

1. Lily of the Valley- Liliy of the valley is described to be as delicate and has a sweet scent. It symbolizes happiness and romance for its timeless classic with a hint of endless affection.

2. Tulips- It has colorful personalities you could ever dream of picking up. It symbolizes beauty, and sincerity. It actually has long petals and it is commonly the bride’s choice for every wedding.

3. Jonquils-Narcissus- It symbolizes happiness and fortune. It has a delicate cream color that you may also choose which is really ideal for any weddings!

4. Rhododendron- It offers colorful choices like pink and mauves, cream, and antique as well as a coffee tone Rhododendron. This one extremely symbolizes love and romance.

5. Blushing Bride- it has an alluring blush sweet peas, cream petals, and fluffy center as well is also available.

For more ideal, gourgeoudly arrangments for weddings without spending much of your money, just browse at or call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 for floral deliveries anywhere in the Philippines.