This time, let’s talk about fashion! Fashion has never been out of our daily lives. From makeups to our dresses, garments, shirts, pants, bag, accessories so on and so forth fashion has never run out of style!

We’ll give you 2 tips on how to look simple yet very beautiful and elegant every day without you looking so heavy that it seems you really put much effort on yourselves to look fabulous. You can be fabulous in a simple way, though:

fashion 2

1. Trendy Pieces- Would encourage everyone to wear trendy pieces where you are also comfortable at the same time. Being comfortable on what you wear is very important. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you go around and hang out with people.


2. Back to Basics-Basics are good. You can play around put on different style when you just wearing the basic fashion trends compared to trendy pieces and it’s cheaper so you don’t have to give out much money!

Have more ideas about fashion? Share it with us! Have a great one!

About Flowers

Though many of used to give or send flowers to our loved ones especially when there’s a special occasion to celebrate, but it’s okay to have a little bit of curiosity about what those flowers actually means and what occasion they’re supposed to send out.

Flowers are best for any romantic celebration like anniversaries. So, let’s get to know the top 3 recommended flowers ideal for romantic occasions:

  1. Roses- Classic and premium roses are the traditional gifts for anniversaries, but it never runs out of style. Though it’s common already yet the meaning it symbolizes remains that whoever will receive such gift will surely get overwhelmed and loved!
  2. Orchids- “Exotic yet elegant” is what these flowers bring to someone you love not to mention orchids symbolizes beauty, seduction, elegance, love and sensuality.
  3. Tulips- Tulips has wide varieties of colours you can choose from. Tulips symbolizes, care, comfort and love to your special someone.

Many flowers will do to make your special someone extra especial and loved, yet what really matters to her/him is your undying affection and consistent effort to make her/him happy throughout your relationship as couples. For more flower arrangements, visit or Call 0926-285-2552 / 0918-285-2552 for more flower suggestions as well. Have a great one!


You’ve probably seen lots of garden being organized and decorated already, but this one is just a simple yet very fulfilling once you have made this for real!

You can actually make this in your own creative way…

Garden Decorating #1: Use colorful boots as your flower path.


Garden Decorating #2: Paint stones with different colors for your garden decorating goal. Make sure to put designs too to make it look more creative and attractive to look at!



Garden Decorating #3: Put a little fish pond in your garden for some unusual attraction as well as to give a refreshing view!



Should you need more plants to add up into your garden, you may visit for they also offer different kinds of amazing plants for landscaping especially for your garden that will definitely make yours even more attractive. Have a great one!