Dealing With Stress!

Are you worried that you might get pimples because you know for yourself that you have encountered stressful situations lately?  Or perhaps, you are bombarded with different kinds of thoughts that weren’t really that relevant to your existence, and that makes you feel so stress?

We all have stress in life, probably you have struggled a lot with your job, bored at work, misunderstanding with a colleague so on and so forth or probably you are currently in broken relationships. Well, always remember that you cannot change the situation or the person on how he/she will attract or treat you, but you can always change the way you deal and respond to them.

Actually, the’re lots of ways to deal with stress if you only knew how. But instead, we’ll give some simple tips to deal with it, without any hassle on your part.

Here’s the list of things that will help you deal with stress!

1. Be POSITIVE- When it says “BE POSITIVE” it means in everything, you need to be positive! Worrying cannot help you solve your problems but rather will give you a lot of side effects not just mentally but also physically. According to some studies, when you worry for something there is only 1% of possibility that it will really happen and 99% of it are false assumptions that will just break you!- So be POSTIVE!

2. Diversional Activities- If you really can’t help yourself from worrying to the point that it’s no longer healthy for you and caused you a lot of stress, then it’s about time you should take some actions! You don’t deserve any that. Have some diversional activities that will help you divert your thoughts instead of thinking of the problem over and over again. You can listen to music, we mean encouraging music, not those ones that will help you think of your problem. Or you can go for a short vacation though this will never totally help you solve your problem, but for sure, this is what you need to lessen some negative feelings you have within. Help yourself!

3. Smile- There is power in smiling! This will somehow brighten your face, regardless of how awkward you look at. Whatever problems you are in, when you put a smile on your face it’ll surely give light and brightens your world, not just for yourself to the people who can see you! It only shows how strong you are despite of the situation that bothers you.


4. Eating Chocolates- There’s a saying that goes like this “Chocolates, a delicious cure for a bad day” Whether you believe it or not, there is just something in the chocolates that when you are badly so stressed it can somehow lessen the negative emotions or aura you have. Also “Chocolates are cheaper than therapy, and you  don’t need an appointment”.

Be positive, go for a diversional activity, Smile and the last but not the least, eat some Chocolates! You can always deal with stress in anyways, and any means you want. Have a great one. Just be happy no matter what!