Effective Dating Tips


Good girls will say yes to a guy for a date if they are only interested, and it’s very rare! They make sure that the person that they will be dating is worth of their accessories, dress, make ups and all. For short, worth of their effort to look good and even more beautiful  just for that single day for a guy they like!

Things to keep in mind when dating someone:

1. Confirm- Make sure with him/her that your date will happen on the date, time, and place he or you both decided  to meet up. It’s very important to make sure also who will be the one to pay the bills just in case you will dine in a restaurant or somewhere else should you buy something for each other. Basically, the person who initiated to have a date will be the one or let say accountable to pay for your bills. You wouldn’t want to get embarrassed, right? Especially if you ran out of cash. It’s always better to be safe!

2. Be True- For men, make sure that you’re not going to left the girl hanging as if everything are just nothing. Make sure to pay off her “yes” to your plea, and her time will be worthwhile hanging out with you.There are just some boys out there who always brag about themselves to impress a girl.  Praise her first, before you impress yourself to her! I think that would be better, she will surely admire you for that. Ooops! Don’t forget to always bring her flowers every time you date a girl. For floral designs and orders, visit www.bulaklak.com.

3. Be confident- This may not be easy, but this one is very helpful to both parties. For men,  this is considered another “add points” to the girl you are courting. Be confident only not over confident or else, you will end up in a trash. For girls, you need to be confident also to avoid misinterpretation of your action just in case your not comfortable of your outfit or what. Just suit at your comfort then, no matter what style or design of clothes you wear make sure to carry it out well. Don’t forget to smile!

What else do you think would be helpful in dating? Share it with us.

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Ideal Monthsary Gifts For A Long Distance Relationship


For someone who found the person you can consider as the love of your life or perhaps the person you want to spend the rest of your life with but in a long distance relationship, there are many ways to show your love and appreciation to her/him.

If you don’t make any effort or action, your relationship might not be as good as before or the worst is it will not last. Use different ways to show and express your love and that you really care  for a person though he/she is so far from you.

1. Send Photos- Take some picture of yourself and send that to your girlfriend/boyfriend somewhere else. Send him/her a picture of some nice event you are currently at so he/she can get a glimpse of your life.Your picture will help ease his/her “miss you” feelings. Keep your attraction to each other burning!

2. Surprise her/him- Nowadays, you can surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend even if you are far from each other. You may send her/him some flowers you order online and will deliver it right to his/her doorstep, or some stuff he really would love with a super heart melting letter from you.

3. Spend Time Together  Online- Communication is very important in a long distance relationship. Chatting through a messenger might be helpful but sometimes can be boring also especially if you guyz run out of topic. You can watch  together a movie online or play online games together. He or she will surely enjoy hanging out online with you.

4. Send Love Letters- Despite all the hi-tech tools that you can use to send a message try sending her/him a love letter. You can pick some cute stickers along with your letter. You can also put your letter in a bottle for something new! He/she will surely appreciate your cute yet brilliant idea.

5. Weekly Surprise- Send your girlfriend or boyfriend something that will remind you both of each other. Make sure to send a different item a week so he/she will never know what to expect. It’s really a heartwarming feeling to know that you are thinking of her/him.


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5 Simple Ways To Be A Better Cook

Cooking food or baking has been considered one of the skills most people desired to acquire. Most of us especially girls would really love to cook food or bake something simple and new. Yet sometimes, we find it hard because of some difficulties and fears that we might not bake or cook it well as it should be.


We’ll give you these 5 simple ways to make you positive on your baking/cooking session:

1. Search- Look for a simple cake to bake on the internet or books that are available. Start baking with just a simple ingredients to bake or food to cook and when it becomes successful, you can look for the more challenging dish to prepare. Just make sure you can afford to buy those required ingredients!

2. Ingredients Availability- Ingredients are very important in cooking and or baking something. Make sure that you have all the complete ingredients required in cooking your desired food.

3. Be Patient- Nobody is perfect. Don’t expect that on your first attempt or perhaps first trial you can make it perfectly. Always remember, that there are always lessons to learn from your mistakes. If it’s not successful then you can always have another try or look for some new recipes!

4. Cooking Materials- Materials like measuring cups, spoons, electric mixer and etc. are very important in cooking.   Even if you have all the ingredients that you will be using in cooking if you don’t have the proper and exact materials to use, your cook might end up unsuccessful. First things first. Consider complete materials in cooking, it is very important to acquire the desired food appearance and taste!

5. Be positive- Be positive whatever happens. Always have the confidence that you can make it. Once you have a positive outlook on what you cook, it will reflect exactly on the outcome.

So, simple as that… If you will follow those simple ways, we believe you can be a good cook if  not, the better one!

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Father’s Love

This is a story of a young girl, who works abroad and recalls the memories he had with his dad….

father'sa day

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad… “

My father and I are very close to each other ever since I’m still young. They have 4 children with my mom and I’m the eldest, I used to be so sweet to both of them for I am not ashamed to tell that I love them very much more than anything in this world in front of our relatives and family friends. I guess I was born this way.. a very sweet one! hahaha.. unlike my other siblings, they find it “O.A” but later on will appreciate my sweetness to our parents.

I remember when we were still a kid with my other siblings, our father used to be our teacher/tutor as soon as we arrived home from school. Is your father the same as ours? He does our assignments especially Math subject, he taught us how to write also especially the cursive writing back when were still in our elementary years.

He got mad at us when we became stubborn, and lazy because he want us to become a better person.

I realized that…

“A dad is someone who

wants to keep you from making mistakes

but instead lets you find your own way,

even though his heart breaks in silence

when you get hurt.”

Isn’t it amazing that we have fathers that really cares for us? I can still remember when I was still young, how my father really fought for me against those bad accusations from other people in our school. Yeah, he’s the one who is brave enough to face people and defended me against them who messes my name. And after that he confronted me later on that day how he loves me so much and my other siblings that he can’t afford to see us hurt by other people, that’s why we need to be careful in everything that we do, not to happen the same incident again in our lives.

I have lots of wonderful memories with my father up to now! And how I wish that someday somehow… I could bring them with my mom somewhere in a wonderful place they’ve never been before! Allow me to end my story with this saying..

“A dad is someone who

holds you when you cry,

scolds you when you break the rules,

shines with pride when you succeed,

and has faith in you even when you fail…”

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To the Man that Showed Us True Love

1In that moment we were born in this world a pair of two eyes looked at us with awe and admiration. He never let anything come near that may hurt us and thus he was there all the time. When he would come home from work he would always carry us in his arms and there we would sweetly sleep. He’s the man who made us feel what true love is, the man that loves unconditionally.


As we grow up, he taught us many things about life. He taught us that living in this world is not just joy and happiness but also its a world of pain and desperation that we have to go through to become a stronger person. He taught us true discipline. He allows us to make mistakes for us to learn what’s right. He sets as an example for us to be the better or yet the best version of ourselves.


As time passes by, we witnessed that as we grow older he also grows old, tired and weary but despite of it all he still worked hard for us because he wanted the best. This person who always supports our dreams and aspirations in life is the person we call Dad, Papa or Tatay.


For all the things that he has done for us saying a simple thank you to them and telling them how much we love them will eventually melt their hearts and would ease all the sacrifices they’ve done. Surely, one thing that would make them the happiest father is for us to be a successful person one day. In that, we should show them that their sacrifices are all worth it. Above all, we should also be thankful to God for the blessing of having a wonderful father.


It’s Back to School!


Summer is officially over and whether we like it or not, most of us are now going back to work, school, offices, and the days of vacation are now just part of another memory to treasure. So, expect more tasks and goals to fulfill especially for all the students who will be going back to school.

We cannot deny the fact, that there are really students who are excited to go back to school to meet old friends with their new bags, notebooks, pens and other school materials that they will be needing for their studies. There are also some kids, who are not yet satisfied with their summer vacation, yet has no choice but to go and follow what their parents wanted them to do. Anyways, school isn’t that boring guyz, right? Just relax and enjoy!

Whether you enjoy your summer or not. Just remember these 3 simple things that will help you go through on your studies:

  • If you really have that dreams and goals in life perhaps, you wanna be a doctor, nurse, teacher, etc. then, going back to school isn’t  a problem for you. Instead a privilege! Did you know that there are a lot of kids who wished they could go to school but has no money and all? So, you’re so blessed!
  • Be happy with every opportunity and tasks that will be given to you. Take it as a chance to shine!
  • Always remember that “education” is one of the greatest gifts your parents could ever give to you. So, don’t waste it!

Some of you might be thinking that going back to school is boring, or perhaps you’re afraid to face another pressures and trials that would let you down. Well, always remember that pressures are part of life, and somehow it can help you to become a better person that you really ought to be.

Back to school is not actually about your new shoes, uniforms, notebooks or other school materials. Back to school is an opportunity to fulfill your goals and dreams in life should you have any.

So this “back to school” be excited and be prepared! Don’t forget to study hard and pray harder!

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