Unforgettable One


There are moments in our lives that passed where the best memories we can cherish. Reminiscing the past will make you feel grateful that somehow a particular situation once had happened in your life, whether it’s good or bad. Whatever you have done way back the past years will remain as an inspiration to move on.

As students, there were times that we can experience a great satisfaction of the things we want with the people. Here’s a story that will testify the love beyond human comprehension.

Jason and Jilly studied in the same school way back in their high school days. They were the top students in their school with so many awards and recognition garnered that makes them popular in the campus.

As one the graduating students, both of them were fighting for the title of being the valedictorian in their school.

Now, people described Jilly as a sweet, smart and one of the most beautiful girl in their campus.

Jilly and Jason were close friends. She liked Jason so much, but Jason has the character of being a smart yet bad boy, strict, and snob. On the other hand, Jason also liked her but in secret.

There was a moment that Jilly’s birthday is fast approaching which she had never thought that Jason was the one who prepared and planned for it. Jason was also looking for a way how to surprise Jilly until he finally decided to give her flowers and chocolates aside from a dinner date he prepared later on that night. He then discovered the newest online flower marketplace that would make Jilly’s birthday memorable.

On the day of her birthday, Jilly was astonished and surprised to see a man walking towards her with a gorgeous bouquet in his hand, paired with boxes of chocolates that makes her feel overwhelmed. With matching picturesque flowers and balloons decorated on the wall, she can’t hear anything because all the student that surrounds are all shouting with the “kilig factor”.

“This is awesome! Flowers are so nice and the chocolates are well packed. And the school was turned into a castle”. These were the words came from Jilly’s mouth. And Jason confessed his love toward Jilly.

From that time, Jason and Jilly became lovers and they live happily together. Looking back, Jilly became the valedictorian and Jason as the salutatorian.

Jason then thought and put a status on his Facebook how thankful he was to BULAKLAK.COM that makes his birthday celebration plan for Jilly a hassled free.

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Summer It is!

BULAKLAK.COM, Cagayan de Oro City- This is what the whole world is waiting for… the summer season! To think that it’s been a long months of working, and studying even for all the students, now, they can finally have a break.

A break that will drive them into a lot of exciting, thrilling and full of adventures under the heat of the sun! Amazing right? Who wouldn’t take a risk if given a chance to go for a rafting, zip lining, snorkeling etc. this summer?. No, money? Well then, there’s a saying that if there’s a will then there’s a way.

So you better wake up now to the reality that it’s already summer and you need to get up from your comfort zone and try some new, exciting, adventurous and worth remembering summer this year!

This summer, we’ll make it more exciting for you to spend with your friends, relatives, and loved ones. When going to beach, food has been the number one priority.

Lechon Baboy

Of course, you wouldn’t want to go without any food to feed your tummy right? So, don’t forget our   mouth-watering and sumptuous Lechon baboy, this will surely satisfy your cravings after a long hours of swimming with its crispy and very  delicious flesh that will surely complete the fun!

By the way, how would you like to spend your summer? The best way to spend summer is to be with your friends, family and of course with your special someone! Be on fire with those people that brings joy, happiness and color to face some bumpy yet fulfilling adventure this summer.

Don’t forget to express your love and emotions to someone you love under the sun with our extravagant flower arrangements that blooms more when its summer!

PAG-ASA Flower copyPAGASA Flowers

This bouquet is part of our Designer Collection and specially packaged in our exquisite handmade boxes using recycled materials. See: http://www.bulaklak.com/PAGASA-Flowers.html




Fiery copyFiery

She is a fiery ball, spirited, intense and deep. Set her ablaze with this gorgeous treat of bright orange roses, daisy gerberras, chysanthemums and limoniums. See: http://www.bulaklak.com/Fiery.html

It doesn’t mean that summer is only for fun. Expression of feelings is still important especially to someone you love most. You need to express it!


Aternoon Tea copyAfternoon Tea

A delightful bouquet of pinks, lilacs, and oranges, with bursts of green. This bundle is perfect for your sweet sentiments, brighten someone’s day, or just to tell them someone, she is loved. See: http://www.bulaklak.com/Afternoon-Tea.html

Whatever, wherever and whenever you are going to spend your summer, the important is you have all the fun and free to make it until summer next year. So enjoy and have a great one!

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BULAKLAK.COM: A Guide to Giving Flowers for Woman

Flowers are indeed a great gift. It is commonly used as a gift or a token to ladies from a man in any type of occasions where they are in. Giving flowers can really help to express the emotions and real intentions to someone. When a man would like to give some flowers to a woman, there are factors that he needs to consider on picking one!

Men, if you’re planning to give some flowers to a woman, first and for most you need to find out yourself what’s her favorite color and type of flowers, etc… There are women nowadays, who are very choosy when it comes to flowers because they might have some allergies, that’s why you really have to search the best flowers for her.

Elegance copyElegance
Lovingly handpicked and arranged with great care; Beautifully hand-wrapped in charming fabric… See http://www.bulaklak.com/Elegance.html

Flowers can mean a lot of things for a woman. When giving flowers, make sure that it also matches to the occasion: a wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or any kinds of special events make sure you have some flowers for her! The truth of the matter, most women really loves flowers! Of course, if it’s a romantic occasion, the first one that will pop out in mind are the roses regardless of what color though it represent different symbol and meaning. Red roses symbolizes love, pink ones joy and yellow ones companionship. All of which would be perfect in a romantic occasion.


Nic Nic Bouquet 2

Classic Roses

One of the most universal of all symbols, red roses represents true love! See: http://www.bulaklak.com/Classic-Roses.html

If she has extravagant taste when it comes to flowers then nothing less than a bouquet will do. But a woman with a modest taste will appreciate a simple yet elegant bunch of white roses, colorful daisies and flowers of carnation. Whatever flowers you send, your time and effort you spend for her is still the best gift she could receive and will surely be appreciated of your woman!

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Who wouldn’t love to have cakes on a special occasion? People often are looking forward to seeing what would be the taste, designs, and sizes of cakes to be served after the entrées.

BULAKLAK.COM has its new way of bringing cakes to all Kagay-anons in Cagayan de Oro City. With its goal of not just helping people to express their feeling through flowers, but also catching the taste buds of all the Kagay-anons in which it was originally founded.

Now, have a chance to see and taste later the cakes that will not just catch your taste, but also your heart


cake 1Cake of Love  A dark chocolate cake with a sweet taste of love. Top with chocolate kisses, sweet strawberries, delicious ice cream cone and fabulous sprinkles, perfect for any occasion! See http://www.bulaklak.com/Cake-of-Love.html

A dark chocolate cake with a sweet taste of love. Top with chocolate kisses, sweet strawberries, delicious ice cream cone and fabulous sprinkles, perfect for any occasion! See http://www.bulaklak.com/Cake-of-Love.html

Cake is typically a sweet baked desserts.




cake 5White love Chocolate A cake top with sweet strawberries and jam with whip cream in the center that he/she will surely love!

All cakes are perfect for any occasions like, weddings, birthdays, Valentine ’s Day, christening, fiesta, anniversaries, so on and so forth.

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Mouthwatering and Sumptuous Native Lechon Baboy is Now Coming to Town!

Lechon Baboy

We all know that lechon is a very popular dish to dine and to enjoy in all occasion, it is undoubtedly present in birthdays, anniversaries, christening, and most of all fiesta. Lechon seemed to be a traditional food already to prepare during special occasions because people were used to include it on their chosen dishes. With its crispy skin that creates a crackling sound when bitten, it has also a shiny shimmering splendid look when cooked that makes it stunning, attractive and very delicious in the eyes of all who can’t wait to get a taste while served on the table together with the other food.

For another break this year, BULAKLAK.COM offers Lechon Baboy, Lechon Baka and Lechon Kambing to all Kagay-anons in Cagayan de Oro City and is looking forward to cater all Filipinos nationwide very soon. Every purchase of LECHON BABOY comes with FREE “Dinogoan” OR “Halang-Halang” to make it more exciting! For their schedule of delivery, Lechon Baboy will be a next day delivery from the date of order, while Lechon Baka and Kambing is 5-7 days from the date you order. But, what makes it amazing is that Lechon Baka and Kambing comes with FREE gravy and “paklay” and on-site roasting to preserve and make your Lechon more delicious. This, indeed, a great privilege for all Kagay-anons for they are first to be catered in this new endeavor.

This time, getting your favorite Lechon would be a less difficult and hassle free, for you need not to go to the Lechon house and choose some pork to roast or whatever meat you would like to cook by those people who were assigned. Instead, you will just simply go to BULAKLAK.COM site www.bulaklak.com and in just a click away, you can order and have your all-time favorite Lechon on your preferred date and time. It’s just simple as that, no need to exert more effort plus fare on Jeepney or fuel tank because it will be delivered right at your door step.

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