Extreme Wedding Proposals

Wanting to have EXTREME wedding proposals? We’ll give you some of the unusual yet effective wedding proposals.


The man who got on fire before kneeling down and proposing

Todd has some interesting friends. One in particular is well-known stunt man Eric Barkley who’s done many human-torch fire jumps. Todd devised a plan to not only entertain family and friends at their annual 4th of July family reunion but to also propose to his girlfriend Malissa.

With Eric’s help, Todd set up a stunt to launch himself off a platform above a swimming pool while being completely engulfed in flames. Eric dressed him in the appropriate fire-retardant attire, with flaming cape and all. Eric fashioned a torch out of an aluminum pole and with Todd ready to jump from the platform over the pool, Eric lit Todd’s cape on fire and seconds later he became complete engulfed in gasoline induced flames. Todd ran off the platform in a breath-taking display of dangerous excitement. The burning man soared through the air against the night sky and landed in the pool, extinguishing himself from the fiery blaze.

Todd surfaced and pulled off his hood, walked over to Malissa and got down on one knee. “Malissa, you make me hot. I want to get the point across that I’m on fire for you”, said Todd. Malissa was laughing from the excitement and insanity of the whole display until Todd pulled out the ring and popped the question.

“Will you marry me, Malissa?” Todd placed the ring on her finger. “Yes!” she exclaimed.

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