BULAKLAK.COM at “First Urban Life Awards by Gold Star Daily”


BULAKLAK.COM has recently witnessed and sponsored Cagayan de Oro’s first ever Urban Life Awards of Gold Star Daily on December 14, 2014 at Centrio Mall. The first lifestyle award has gathered and recognized the best of CDO’s talents and personalities encompassing the fashion, delicacies, arts and music, culinary, and among others. The event has also encouraged other emerging personalities to inspire more people through their talents and become more competitive on their special expertise. The First Urban Life Awards has successfully showcased what Cagayanon people are capable of and what CDO has to offer to both local and foreign tourists.


Before this year ends, BULAKLAK.COM were able to witnessed again the Cagayan de Oro’s full boom, blossom, and boom after it was given lots of opportunities to sponsor the city’s grandest and world-class events from fashion, arts, culinary, and lifestyle. Indeed, BULAKLAK.COM has already leaped forward on its commitment to provide beauty and elegance to any special occasion through its classic and exquisite flower arrangements.

Here’s the official list of Winners:

MAGS CUE – Person of the Year

NICOLE ABAS-DATAYAN – TV personality of the Year

ORO RAFTING – Best tourist attraction award

ARLYN BAQUI – Performing Artist of the Year

CHARLES ABING – Musician of the Year

NONOY ESTARTE- Visual Artist of the Year

JOEY DOLOTINA – Rapper of the Year

GIL MACAIBAY III – Fashion Designer of the Year

PASSION FOR FASHION – Fashion Team of the Year

JAMES TUBEO – Blogger of the Year

KEVIN ABDALA – Stylist of the Year

KRISTY SIA – Hair and Make up Artist of the Year

JB LEONARDO – Photographer of the Year

LIFESTYLE DISTRICT – Hotspot of the Year

ISLA BONITA – Bar of the Year

BEAT CLUB – Club of the Year



PASTEL VJANDEP – Best Kagay-anon Delicacy of the Year

CANDY’S SPINACH PIZZA – Pizza of the Year

CAFE BONITA BIG 8 BURGER – Burger of the Year

BULAKLAK.COM 6th Notebook Distribution at Balangbang Elementary School


BULAKLAK.COM has continued to reach out students to provide them their basic needs at school such as notebooks, ball pen, and pencils. Last October 17, 2014, BULAKLAK.COM team has crossed mountains and river to reach the students of Balangbang Elementary School in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. The school is a kilometer away from the main road and is situated just on top of the mountainous area of the city. Nowhere can you find a perfect spot to race down a car going there and even the tricycle drivers may find themselves dodging over the rocks on the rough roads. Despite of the inconveniences, the team has managed to deliver the basic school supplies that BUALLAK.COM has prepared for them successfully.

One of their students volunteered to let the team use his horse to help them transport the school supplies going to Balangbang Elementary School. It truly helped them to minimize their strength and effort as they climbed over the steep mountains of the city. As the BULAKLAK.COM team arrived, they were greeted with the smiles of the teacher and students while waiting to receive their brand-new notebooks and ball pen, and pencils. Most of the students only have limited notebooks for their subjects and they even only barrows ball pen from their teachers to take down notes and answer their exams. These students live in a very simple life where their source of living relies on the production of their family’s crops at their respective arable lands. According to their teacher, some of their students even preferred to work rather than going to school just to help their parents earn more for their living. But it’s a good thing that the school has teachers who are willing to devote their time and love for these students by always encouraging them to pursue their studies and guides them to a right path to help them reach their dreams and help them elevate their standard of living. As the BULAKLAK.COM team started to distribute the notebooks, ball pen, and pens to the students, all of them wears their priceless smiles on their faces and even the teacher got overwhelmed knowing that the students doesn’t have to borrow anymore ball pen and pencils to take down notes and answer their exams.

This little time that the BULAKLAK.COM team has spent for these students are counted as an experience of a lifetime as they believe that even a single notebook and pen, if use wisely for good, can change the course of their life. You can also make a difference by helping BULAKLAK.COM reach more students and provide them their basic school supplies through BULAKLAK.COM’S “ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO PROGRAM” which translates for every floral arrangement you buy, BULAKLAK.COM will give notebooks + pens to a students in need.