Buy One. One FilipinoBULAKLAK.COM is known to be the first Online Filipino Flower Marketplace in the Philippines that was soft launched this January 12, 2014. As its main concept, BULAKLAK.COM helps to promote the creativity of the Filipino Florist around the world, as well expressing “LOVE” in the most convenient way for those people who are away from their loved ones.

However, this is not only what BULAKLAK.COM was made for. The company thought that integrating “Corporate Social Responsibility” in BULAKLAK.COM business model is a great way for great cause that make such a difference to create a good life for every Filipino. But, what is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR? Well it is about how a company manages the business process to produce an overall positive impact on society. It is a way of company to make a difference in a simple but yet powerful way.

The founders was inspired the story of Blake Mycoskie on how he started his company TOMS Shoes and “One for One” movement or better known as “Buy One Give One” (BOGO or B1G1) in the United States of America. In 2006, Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he founded TOMS Shoes with the One for One concept. TOMS “One of One” initiative is very simple: with every pair of shoe sells, they donate a pair of shoe to someone in need.

ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO is BULAKLAK.COM social mission program. With the goal of giving back to the community by supporting Department of Education flagship program Republic Act 8525, also known as the Adopt-A-School Act of 1998. As simple as the school notebook, pencil and ball pen are actually serve as a key for a better education. However not all could afford to buy new notebook, pencil and ball pen every year, especially the students from public schools. Children play a big role in the society and management believe the children are the hope of the nation. The founders said, “As we extend this little help to them, by providing these children with notebooks, pencils and ball pens to write on, we can contribute in making their future brighter. As what Jose Rizal the Philippine National Hero would say, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” (The young is the hope of the nation). Helping the youth means helping build a better future for not only for them but for the nation.

ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO concept is for every flower arrangement purchased, BULAKLAK.COM give notebooks, pencils and ball pens to a student in need. In this initiative, the triad of generosity, compassion, and joy is evident from the BULAKLAK.COM partner florists who are given a chance to have more business and promote their floral arrangements in the entire Philippines and global market, customers who wants to express emotions to their loved ones to the students beneficiaries who will receive notebooks, pencils and ball pen for every flower arrangement purchased.

ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO is a program to slowly create a sustainable solution to help Filipino children finish education and improve economy in the local community through the businesses and jobs created. The goal is one day to provide yearly free basic school supplies to all student in need at the public school. Buying a flower arrangement from BULAKLAK.COM creates happy people—a customer, a partner florist and a Filipino student.

It is never too late for the Filipino youth. Spread the joy today. Extend a helping hand with ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO.

Gift Suggestions for Filipina Women

Giving gifts has been a culture widely practiced thought out the globe. In the Philippines, Filipino men are fond of giving a sentimental item to the dear women in their lives, while Filipina women show great appreciation toward this generous gesture.

BLOG BANNER6 copyWhether you are a man thinking of giving a gift to a Filipina friend, girlfriend, relative, or a co-worker, or a woman just fond of giving presents to her friends, here is a list of 10 gift ideas.

  1. Jewelry – When giving jewelry, your relationship with the recipient and your intention must be considered. Jewelry, being a pricey gift, will mean that the recipient is also precious to you. Earrings, bracelet, or short necklaces are the most common jewelry given as a gift. And if you are planning for a marriage proposal, there goes the diamond ring.


  1. Chocolate – Trust us, every girl loves chocolates, even if she says she’s watching her figure. A gourmet dark chocolate or chocolate with almonds is a good choice.


  1. Favorite color – If you already have an idea what her favorite color is, then go choose an item among this list and get the one available in that color. Women have a sense of inclination to their favorite color, so it will definitely be appreciated by her.


  1. Stuffed toy – This cute present is popularly given to those girls in their mid-20s and below. A bear stuffed toy, box of chocolates, and bouquet flowers are the three most popular items bundled together as a suitor’s gift.


  1. Music and movies – Amidst the digital copies of tracks and films, a hard copy of her favorite artist’s album or her favorite chick flick movie is still something worth keeping. Add a sweet dedication for the recipient goes well together with this present.


  1. Perfume – A perfume can serve as your present for a romantic occasion. Even if the recipient already uses a specific scent, adding another one to her collection makes it a great idea. Now, she can try out other fragrances and choose the one that is best for a specific occasion.


  1. Fashion – A woman will always have an interest in fashion no matter what type of personality she has. A purse, bag, dress, or a pair of shoes will surely delight her. Just pick the classic styles if you are a bit unsure of her preference.


  1. Hobby-related – If she is into sports or dancing, then a sports outfit for her activities will be a good choice to surprise her. You always have the option to add something sentimental or more feminine to go with this type of present.


  1. Book – Not all women like to read, but when choosing a book for a gift, do not limit it to fiction books. You may consider an inspirational book or go to the bestselling novels shelves and run through the choices.


  1. Cook book – Whether a Filipina knows how to cook or not, there is always a part of them that wants to try it. This is a gift suggestion to a friend or a relative. If she is into baking, you may also consider a nice electric mixer.


Once you have picked from the list, make your present even more special by adding a bouquet of flowers or even just a dozen of roses. Flowers put the romantic theme when you think you cannot be mushy enough. BULAKLAK.COM provides you only hand-picked freshly arranged flowers delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. Even when you are away, BULAKLAK.COM helps bridge the distance. Check all Philippine delivery destinations here.