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Troubled FAQs

What If problems occur with my ordered flower?

On your cart, you would be filling out some personal information. Included there is your contact information. A cellphone number or a landline number would be very helpful for both of us in case problems, changes or other concerns may occur. If this happens we promise to give you a ring.

Why are my flowers dead or withered when they arrived?

Our services offer the delivery of fresh and presentable flowers. If, for some unfortunate events the flowers sent to you had been withered or dead please contact us right away and we will change the delivered flowers provided that you can give us a valid proof of this unfortunate event. Yet, to keep us from pranks, you must first show or send us your receipt or confirmation number.

If you have the confirmation number with you email us or just call us at our hotline numbers. We will be more than willing to cater to your concern.

I can't find my city or town on the list of choices?

If by any unfortunate event you have searched your city and it’s not on the list or even closest to any, give us a call, we would arrange another option for you. This might be for the reason that there isn't any flower shops nearby. There are other flower shops from other nearby cities that would be willing to take your order and deliver them for you. Yet, sometimes this kind of option would just leave you with the choice of delivering it via box.

Why didn't I receive the order I had chosen?

If this occurs, or if there might be any mix up in our delivery, you can immediately give us a ring and as fast as we could we would try to correct our mistakes providing you can give us your confirmation receipt so we can check on your order. If indeed we had delivered the wrong one we would immediately replace it with the correct one.

I did not receive my order, would you mind explaining it to me?

In this case of non-received of order that means it’s not a mix-up just a no-delivery-came situation, call us up or contact us through our email info@bulaklak.com. This might also be the case on which no one is available to receive the delivery or a misinformation of the address. This is a fatal error for us and we would immediately act upon it.

About Us

BULAKLAK.COM is an online flower marketplace where every Filipino around the globe can choose exquisite flower arrangements in a single online store and send it over to their loved ones anywhere in the Philippines in the most convenient way possible. With BULAKLAK.COM’s partnership with more than a 100 florists nationwide, you will surely find an exquisite floral arrangement that you want.

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BULAKLAK.COM is known to be the first Online Filipino Flower Marketplace in the Philippines that was soft launched this January 12, 2014. As its main concept, BULAKLAK.COM helps to promote the creativity of the Filipino Florist around the world, as well expressing “LOVE” in the most convenient way for those people who are away from their loved ones.

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