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Offline Payment FAQs

Offline Payments

No credit card or want another way to make payments for your online orders? We accept offline payments! Simply give us the details below and email it to us at info@bulaklak.com or call us at our hotline numbers to arrange for the processing and payment of your orders.

  • 1. What should you do?
  • Browse through our site and choose the product you want to purchase. Take note of the Price of the Product.
  • 2. How will you pay? We allow payment through Western Union or by Bank Deposit. .
  • 3. What is the Payment Process


Online Banking    supported online banking

Online Banking

Allows anybody with Internet banking access to local bank account, to make payment that is debited against that account in realtime.



Over the counter banks

Allows anybody to walk-in to a branch of any of the supported banks to make a deposit-payment over the counter.


Over the counter non-banks

Allows anybody to walk-in to any branch of our supported money-transfer establishments to make a payment over the counter.


Go to any Western Union branch in your area. When sending the money through either Western Union please use the following details:

RECIPIENT: Marilou R. Aspacio
ADDRESS: 8 Aries Street, Villa Ernesto Gusa, Cagayan De Oro
PHONE: 0926.285.2552
IMPORTANT: Please indicate Marilou R. Aspacio as the receiver.


Over-the-Counter Bank Deposit

ACCOUNT NO: 001200019869
BRANCH: Unionbank of the Philippines Lapasan, Cagayan De Oro


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BULAKLAK.COM is an online flower marketplace where every Filipino around the globe can choose exquisite flower arrangements in a single online store and send it over to their loved ones anywhere in the Philippines in the most convenient way possible. With BULAKLAK.COM’s partnership with more than a 100 florists nationwide, you will surely find an exquisite floral arrangement that you want.

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BULAKLAK.COM is known to be the first Online Filipino Flower Marketplace in the Philippines that was soft launched this January 12, 2014. As its main concept, BULAKLAK.COM helps to promote the creativity of the Filipino Florist around the world, as well expressing “LOVE” in the most convenient way for those people who are away from their loved ones.

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