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Fruit Basket Juicy Fruity
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1 pc Pineapple
1/4 Kilo Grapes
4 pcs Apples (2 Red / 2 Green)
3 pcs Oranges (Sunkist)
1 Kilo Banana
2 Pears
2 Kiwi

1 dozen of Roses Centerpiece
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Elegntly arranged centerpiece can be red or white roses. 1 Dozen of roses in 1 centerpiece!

2 Dozen with Ferrero Chocolates
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2 Doz. of red roses with ferrero chocolates

3 stalk Roses
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3 Stalk Roses

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An exclusive bouquet mixed with roses and Calla Lily flowers with white and lavender ribbon. It can be used as a special token for graduation day and other special activities. Express how much you value and appreciate their hard work through this classic floral arrangement.

-The floral arrangement is available at three different sizes. The price varies according to its size.

-Regular Size- P300.00
-Medium Size- P500.00
-Large Size- P1000.00

Adorable Red and White
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Red and white roses is just a perfect present to give to your loved one. Fascinate them with these lovely and sweet filled roses with a unique cut of foliage underneath this lush posy.
It is crafted with love and care from our expert florists and only picks the freshest roses to sustain its sweet incense for a longer period of time.

The floral arrangement is available at three different sizes. The price varies according its size.

-Regular Size- P 350.00
-Medium Size- P 500.00
-Large Size- P 800.00

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A bouquet that is exclusively filled with our premium pink roses and elegantly wrapped with pinkish paper with a red ribbon. Pink roses are also an expression of admiration and appreciation and it is just so perfect to show how important she is to be a part of your life.

The floral arrangement is available at three different sizes. The price varies according its size.

-Regular Size: P500.00
-Medium Size: P800.00
-Big Size: P1500.00

Autumn Shade
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Composition: Mixed of Gerberas and Mums

Beauty and Grace in a Basket
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Send your mom, close friends, or someone that is close to your heart with this very special and a classic floral arrangement that is carefully and wonderfully crafted with our expert florists. The stunning array of white chrysanthemum and the gorgeous spark of azucena and gladiolus that represents kindness, purity, and grace will set their heart ablaze.

Black Tie Roses: Super Select Roses
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Your perfect expression of love: our stunning Super Select long stemmed roses. Send the ultimate gift with a dozen of our Super Select red roses. Your bouquet will arrive in an exquisite handmade box. Bouquet measures approximately 26-28"H.

Bountiful Blessing
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- The unique combination of our fresh hand-pick plush flowers and beautifully cut foliage with red ribbon tied at the center of these luxurious floral arrangements is what makes it one of the grandest of its kind. This sophisticated flower arrangement for business opening and can also be used for house blessing as a symbol of abundance and wealth.

Flowers for Opening/ Office/ House Blessing

Bouquet of Gerbera
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Composition: 1 dozen of assorted Gerbera

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